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Car banking firm raises 6 new business to be able to issue bond
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New " car banking firm runs way " promulgate formally a few days ago carry out. New " method " what to make on original basis specific adjust? What scope of business to add? The regulation with new what to have again to condition of contributive person aptitude? On January 30, chinese silver-colored inspect can concern chief to answer the reporter's query with respect to above problem.

Emphasize 3 big core advocate course of study: Retail loan, wholesale loan, financing rents business

This chief says, came on stage 2003 " car banking firm runs way " , at that time the condition falls, the regulation allows the scope of business that car banking firm develops to compare stricture. From 3 years much practice looks, industry whole is run more normative, development perspective is wide. In the meantime, also expose a company normal business to develop need and scope of business to slant to contradict narrowly gradually, revise urgently former " method " , adjust scope of business and add business variety.

New " method " to admittance condition, scope of business, risk management the respect such as index was made bigger revise and adjust. The contributive person that emphasizes establishing car banking firm should have car finance to run experience or professional group; Emphasize 3 big core advocate course of study: Retail loan, wholesale loan (refer in particular to pair of agency purchase car loan, have do not borrow money at average company) , financing rents business; Emphasize superintending index to reflect business and risk management character, be not had jumped over more more.

Dimensions of contributive person asset adds blame finance orgnaization reach 8 billion yuan

New " method " made the following and specific provision to condition of contributive person aptitude: Contributive philtrum of car banking firm at least due a contributive person has business of banking of car of 5 years of above to manage zephyr danger to control experience. If do not have this requirement, the major that should introduce qualification for car banking firm at least runs a group.

Blame finance orgnaization is contributive asset dimensions of the person, the demand rises from 4 billion original yuan reach 8 billion yuan, business income rises from 2 billion yuan reach 5 billion yuan.

According to automobile industry situation and real progress need, cancelled former " method " the regulation of the ” of car banking firm that “ same legal entity must not invest an above.

Increased “ 1 is annual recently end net assets not the 30 % under capital total (caliber of amalgamative accountant forms for reporting statistics) ” ; “ becomes a shareholder financing source is true and lawful, must not become a shareholder with leasehold capital, must not entrust capital to become a shareholder with other ” ; The equity of car banking firm that “ acceptance does not transfer a hold inside 3 years (silver-colored inspect can instruct the except that make over lawfully) , carry in planning to set company rules bright 3 regulations such as ” .
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