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National hair changes appoint limit criterion of art of the small trick-cycling
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A few days ago, national hair changes appoint ended pair of new castigatory " catalog of guidance of industrial structural adjustment " the job that seeks an opinion publicly. " directive catalog " small clear will energy-saving environmental protection quantity is multiplied those who use a car is truckload design, development is labelled urge kind of industry. Gave out the main technique index of the small car that discharge an amount is numeric: Country of prep above of “ fuel economy the 2nd phase is restricted to be worth 10 % , discharge standard of contented country Ⅲ , both sides car grows to not be more than 4 meters, 3 side car grows to not be more than 4.2 meters. ”This is from March 2005, after the whole nation removes to be restricted to the small car that discharge an amount, our country government has specific description to the energy-saving environmental protection small car that discharge an amount again, also be at the same time go up to measure a car to undertake limitting to small from automobile body dimension first.

In the light of at present “ of a few places is restricted small ” problem, the government sector is considering to make economy small platoon measure the level of the respect such as car environmental protection and function, to according with small quantity of the standard car each district should cancel to restrict, the country also should offer a few privilege policy on taxation at the same time.

National hair changes appoint chief of industrial policy department expresses, our country is to encourage own innovation and development to the overall train of thought of automobile industry structural adjustment car of energy-saving environmental protection. The train of thought of car of energy-saving to developing environmental protection is, combine strategy of national energy resources, develop oil of the small part that discharge an amount car energetically, advance a car to derv is changed and develop replace car of the sources of energy. The near future target that strategy of our country the sources of energy asks to automobile industry is, 915 ” end is in “ the car retains the quantity breaks up time below the circumstance, the car uses up growth not to exceed 50 % with fuel.

Hair change appoint take small environmental protection amount this those who use a car is truckload design, development is labelled urge kind of industry, give out to be defined clearly to small capacity vehicle, go up objectively the trend that avoided economy car to build bigger more, the progress that gives economy car points to clear direction. (Tan Jiajun)