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" car banking firm runs way "
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" car banking firm runs way " (full text)
Committee of supervisory management of industry of Bank of China makes (2003 the 4th)

" car banking firm runs way " already approval of the State Council, give print and distribute applies now.

Chairman: Liu Mingkang

2 OO3 year October 3 days


Car banking firm runs way

General principles of the first chapter

The first serves the need that industry admits to get used to car finance, the is not bank finance orgnaization behavior of business of banking of normative management car, the basis concerns law, administrative regulations, make this way.

This the 2nd method place calls car finance the company, it is to point to what this method stipulates approval is established to via the Bank of China course of study supervises administrative committee basis to be mixed about law, administrative regulations, the legal entity of blame bank finance that provides loan for the person that the car purchaser of Chinese churchyard reachs a sale.

Committee of supervisory management of industry of the 3rd Bank of China is in charge of the supervisory management of pair of car banking firms.

Of orgnaization of the 2nd chapter establish, change and stop

The 4th establishs car banking firm to ought to supervise administrative committee approval via course of study of Bank of China.

Supervise administrative committee approval without course of study of Bank of China, any units and individual do not get do sth without authorization to establish car banking firm to perhaps covert pursue car banking business, ” of credit of automobile of ” of “ car finance, “ must not be used to wait in the do sth without authorization in orgnaization name make clear the model of written characters that pursues car banking business.

The 5th contributive establish car banking firm, contributive person should have following requirement:

(one) the legal entity that creates lawfully outside Chinese churchyard.

Be not financial orgnaization, its are the closest total assets of a year not under 4 billion yuan of RMB or equivalent convertibility money, year business income not under 2 billion yuan of RMBs or equivalent convertibility money;

Be not bank finance orgnaization, its register capital not under 300 million yuan of RMBs or equivalent convertibility money.

(2) management outstanding achievement is good, recently 3 years of consecutive gain.

(3) abide by register seat law, without break the law, criminality.

(4) main and contributive person must be orgnaization of finance of bank of car company, blame.

Car company is the enterprise that shows production or sale car are truckload.

Main and contributive person is to show contributive amount is maximum and contributive forehead is not gotten under plan to set total capital stock of car banking company the contributive person of 30% .
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