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" antitrust law " mode of sale of inn of executive shortly 4S is faced with chan
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4S inn mode is exposed to the sun charges in an indictment of 8 big “”

Once the 4S inn with infinite scene, fleeting time is adverse this year.

According to the report, this year on August 1, " antitrust law " will execute formally, as a result of " management of car brand sale implements measure " the spirit that the clause violated antitrust law, 4S inn mode will is faced with change.

Most expert changes to 4S inn mode support positive attitude. New inferior Su Hui of city general manager thinks, suffer " antitrust law " encouragement, 4S inn mode will be made consider by historic ground, undertake innovating, undertake adjust and transforming, the car is super agency and period of big agency group are forthcoming. Tian Yi of deputy secretary-general of committee of experts of sale of car of Chinese market society thinks, from automobile industry of whole sale mode evolve, and will tell on the sufficient rate that sells competition, of 4S inn mode changing is a big trend. Liu of car sale expert thinks with blessing, " antitrust law " it is national laws and regulations, " method " it is trade laws and regulations, if " method " have and " antitrust law " inimical place, affirmative meeting with " antitrust law " give priority to.

On July 10 new inferior on the car news news briefing that city holds, chinese steam wagon flow connects Luo Lei of association deputy secretary-general, summed up 8 big facts about a crime for 4S inn mode again. They include: Brand accredit contract is non-standard; Onefold sale mode and the exorbitant standard that build store; Sale network is blind and outspread; The strategy dividing a net of partial manufacturer brings about agency malign competition; The manufacturer implements might strategy in the respect such as finance of adornment of component, car, car; Exit a mechanism to be short of break; Palm of transnational corporation height accuses to import steam wagon flow to understand link; 2 class agency and problem of car materiality market.

Non-standard to brand accredit contract this one charges in an indictment, luo Lei says, the manufacturer increased might provision in accredit contract, there also is overmuch tie in clauses in business affairs policy, for example agency should assume advertisement to publicize charge, the manufacturer is made to agency exorbitant the annual plan that cannot complete even, prohibit agency steps area sale, agency must choose single component vendor to wait.

To onefold 4S inn mode with the exorbitant standard that build store, luo Lei says, at present 4S inn builds bigger more, onefold mode caused resources waste and environmental pollution, inn of “ major 4S has repair shop, meeting aggravate environment pollutes the among them working procedure that take an examination of lacquer. He says ” .

The might that waits for a respect in finance of adornment of component, car, car to the manufacturer is politic, luo Lei says, when the inn that build 4S, works chamber of commerce builds inn bail to agency collection, appoint unit of the construction that build store, with facilities of material of material, adornment, office, maintenance current equipment; After 4S inn builds, works chamber of commerce deserves to send “ to cross season product ” forcibly to agency, the sale ability that does not consider agency coerces inventory, match forcibly product. Publicizing a respect, the advertisement that some works chamber of commerce designate dealer puts in an amount, put in media and layout, some manufacturers are returned forcibly to things of hairdressing of agency apportion car, appoint car finance orgnaization, defer even pay agency due to return profit.
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