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" collect fees highway rights and interests makes over method " travelling expen
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Chaos of “ terminative ” collects fees

Highway “ collects fees still borrow ” unending, collect fees highway becomes common occurance of ” of highway of “ day price.

Very apparent, the public is right new " method " expect, send a hope to come at adopting such system namely keep within limits collects fees of highway unreasonable collect fees, implementation returns profit at civilian appeal to beg.

Be in new " method " before coming on stage, collect fees highway rights and interests is made over already froze be as long as two years. Because manage sexual highway,return those who borrow highway to collect fees than the government fixed number of year wants many 10 years commonly. Stop to make over, still can borrow a few governments highway changeover is management sex highway, examine and approve afresh next collect fees deadline, can collect fees deadline is decided a bit longlier. Collect fees of highway collect fees time is too long, mean the public to must pay ” of more “ travelling expenses, serve as communal product from highway, the target with final free trend appeals to beg the meeting is further.

New " method " can you stem effectively is rights and interests made over related highway between of existence unreasonable seek profit space? This " method " regulation, in make over collect fees when highway rights and interests, must not will approve lawfully collect fees highway project is divided into a certain number of paragraph make over collect fees authority, not project of will collect fees highway rights and interests and blame collect fees project of highway rights and interests is bound make over, and still must not borrow the government free of highway rights and interests delimit turn to legal entity. All these, be helpful for collecting fees to the highway before this on certain level random phenomenon undertakes correct an error.

But new " method " hard from finish at all collect fees in couples highway is unreasonable the system that collect fees clears. Because,this is, limit the reasonable presence criterion that a highway collects fees, should be specific collect fees amount can't solve “ the relevant cost of the leasehold ” that build a road. And adopt set only an accumulative total collects fees deadline cannot exceed time upper limit of 25 years, do not perfect apparently. Just think, if a highway used 5 years with respect to collection the cost that builds at the outset, should let it again collection 20 years?

Comment on: The branch should make clear highway to regard a countryman as economy and the important infrastructure that the society develops related the proposal, belong to a government to must offer communal product of the society, should free provides an user. Collecting fees highway rights and interests transfers a process in, should cut down the interest space of relevant management main body to the greastest extent. (Wei Mu)

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