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Front-wheel drive " inside 8 " it is normal phenomenon
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Travel love a car arrives certain course when need is done four-wheel fixed position, but a lot of people can discover, some do not need to do rear wheel to locate, this is why, because rear wheel designs each car plant to differ,basically be, accordingly the rear wheel of some some brands, car sections needs fixed position, some does not need. Need does rear wheel to locate, the dip outside also having only probably a project just.

Locate as to front-wheel drive, with respect to circumstantiate. The means of wheel travel is similar to a person walk means, when you think your double foot is touchdown of very smooth soil preparation, actually otherwise, the weight majority of the body falls in calcaneal outside side is rear, because this causes the heel of that place,wear away particularly fast. No less, if look,tire is perpendicular the word at the ground, as a result of the pressure of car itself weight, increase the attrition power that goes up the result of interact, of tire tread wearing away is cannot even, accordingly, need fibrous root occupies car the design of suspensory system, computation gives a best suspensory geometry, let front-wheel drive have an extroversion part, after having such an extroversion part, although tire is like it seems that,not be perpendicular at the ground, but when car walks truly, tire just has method to let tread rectify height to contact the ground truly, the wear and tear of tread just also is met even.

Visit car head ahead, crouch muse to control two front wheel, you can discover two front-wheel drive seem to have the inward furl, foot that resembling is a person " inside character 8 " appearance, be right! Fasten suspicion, this is so called " toe-int " , front-wheel drive needs the reason of toe-int, when because car walks,be, come from the attrition force at the ground to be able to obtrude two front-wheel drive are more and more outward stretch, if do not have toe-int, that arrives later, two front-wheel drive just cannot go ahead together even.