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Car little trouble handles 9 ways simply
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One, Jian Xiu

To breakdown spare parts, allow in the condition, and below the premise of can reliable travel after assuring repair, should use " long " method. Be like: Connecting rod bearing is burned-out, after using soldering tin filling solder, reoccupy penknife is repaired come to cooperate to be able to be used normally.

2, shot-off of loss

Use to leakage oil, slack, flat place namely jam law. Be like: Gasoline tank leakage uses epoxy resin gooey fill or soap daub, perforative and usable stopper stems, wait for bunch of prison with iron wire or rope when necessary.

3, replace

Some component damages and bring about cannot when normal travel, the part that travel does not affect on usable car or use local materials abstain a spare parts to replace. Be like: Make up with belt of leather belt, knapsack abstain fan belt, the fan belt that will replace attaint.

4, short circuit

General short circuit is to circuit element character. Be like: A certain component in circuit damages, both neither can repair, termless change, below permission condition, its short circuit connects, it is short circuit law namely. Short circuit law cannot be used for long, reach conditional place, should change in time the component of attaint.

5, disassemble

Be opposite namely the parts of attaint, tear open below the premise that does not affect travel below. Be like: Dynamo attaint, can tear open its fall to use accumulator to tie power supply to ignition only.

6, cut off

Disconnect the circuit of attaint or gas district. Be like: Somewhere lead builds iron discharge, cannot eliminate again temporarily, can make its front line impending cut off the power, tie power supply to ignition only, carry out cut off the power emergency treatment.

7, compensatory

Increase suppletion namely. In parts attaint loses one share or cooperate when gap is too big, can consider to increase complement one part is other component, have first aid of rush to repair. Be like: Vitta burst and when cannot stemming, can cut the share of attaint below, wait with rubber tube set in vitta two end make its guide.

8, bind

Wrap lash to tie a way namely. When occurrence need close solid or the breakdown of retired processing, can consider to use the colligation sticking apply such as club of rope, iron wire, wood.

9, change

Change namely spare parts. The spare parts of component of a few extremely easy attaint is taken more as far as possible when dispatch a vehicle, so that lash-up changes.