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The hand is moved / principle of automatic unifinication gear-box
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The hand is moved / principle of automatic unifinication gear-box

The hand is moved / automatic unifinication gear-box, some people say again for " semi-automatic gear-box " . Just as its name implies, what it flaunts is collect hand is moved with automatic gearshift at a suit, hold a mode of two kinds of gearshift concurrently. The hand that appears on market at present is moved / automatic unifinication gear-box, basic structure is automatic gear-box actually, change with hydraulic quadrature implement transmission. Alleged " type of hand movable mould " , it is actually the basis was joined to command commutation is blocked artificially on an automatic gear-box function, the person that drive uses order of shift gears of the input that block lever through dialing, the hydraulic clutch operation of gear-box goes carrying out.
Conventional automatic transmission case is actually OK also go up through blocking brake 3, 2, L is blocked go free block, but hand / the hand of automatic unifinication gear-box is moved anthology block mode, it is to will block lever to be dialed backward ahead add, decrease block, such mode of operation is compared undoubtedly 3, 2, L the sort of more convenient and fast, feeling more resemble cycle racing, mentally will be more interesting. The hand of new generation is moved / automatic unifinication gear-box, besides offer a hand to move anthology block a function, still aim to go after much better hand to move anthology block reaction. Use pattern into proceed with for example, computer system can be assisted make turn every time block more free is suitable, add when blocking, self-adjusting accelerator joins, decrease when blocking fill automatically oily. In the meantime, almost all hand / automatic gear-box sets protective program, when you careless ground is added, decrease when blocking, it won't take orders from at you, also some of circumstance computer can intervene help you operate, for example speed is reduced can decrease automatically time low block.

Actually, hand / the type of hand movable mould of gear-box of automatic an organic whole can be not moved with right hand substantially block place on a par, open a hand to move block should operate separation and reunion, have H model block brake, these are fun origin, fiddle with can be the blocks lever fun of switch of electron of a join compared to it how again? And hand / automatic unifinication in one's heart is automatic gear-box, have dynamical loss likewise the drawback with oily big, big bad news. It should be regarded to be the automatic transmission case that provided a kind of add function.
The hand is moved / automatic unifinication gear-box drives skill
Fine hand / automatic unifinication gear-box should:
1) add block reaction accelerator of the fast, person that need not drive cooperates to also can be accomplished suitable join slipperily;
2) carry out quickly in reasonable range internal energy fall executive order, provide certain engine decelerate result;
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