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The car is four-wheel the value analysis of fixed position
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Four-wheel fixed position angle is consist in the opposite point of view between suspensory system and each activity parts, those who keep correct is four-wheel fixed position angle can ensure of car reach into the gender continuously hold charge a sex, those who improve car turn to a gender and ensure the reply sex that turns to a system, avoid bearing undeserved get power and damage and lose precision. Can ensure tire and ground tighten close joint more, reduce the wear and tear with undeserved tire to reach have an embryo, ensure the stability when turning.

One. Four-wheel the meaning of fixed position

The fixed position angle with suspensory main system included the car: Extroversion horn (Camber) , horn of tilting back ward (Castor) , bundle horn (Toe) , batter horn (K.P.I. ) , when changing direction before exhibit (Toe-outonTurn) . Its meaning cent narrates as follows:

1. extroversion horn (Camber) : Car ahead sees tire center line and the point of view that perpendicular becomes for the definition, it is outwards, it is upcountry negative. Of its angle different the osculatory spot that can change tire and ground and point of application of force, affect tire directly pay soil fertility and state of wear and tear. Changed a car to weigh what go up in axle to suffer force to distributing, avoid bearing generation is unusual wear away. In addition, after obliquitous existence can use loading of quits automobile body outside, suspensory system parts is out of shape the angle that reachs generation of place of mobile face clearance changes. Obliquitous existence also can affect the advancing way of the car outside, autocycle of this no less than can be used tilt automobile body will turn, the extroversion horn because of these or so rounds must equal, take a sex continuously in what the shadow does not send to consider a car below the balance of force, again with bundle horn (Toe) cooperates, rise to be reached into stability continuously avoid tire cost not all. Increase negative extroversion horn to need to cooperate to increase Toe-out; Increase extroversion horn needs to cooperate to increase Toe-in.

2. batter horn (K.P.I. ) : Define the point of view that becomes to change axial center to line and perpendicular place. Had batter horn to be able to make the car makes the same score equational cloth to be over bearing again, protective bearing is damaged not easily, make turn to force average, change direction lightsome. Conversely, if batter horn is 0, criterion the car is weighed and the counterforce of the ground can produce very great transverse shear stress in axle, make axle is damaged easily, change direction to also can become heavy and clinking. In addition, batter horn also is front-wheel drive turns to be answered backward the origin of force. Batter horn is in car is suspensory at the beginning of designing already set is good, cannot adjust normally. Car-m.cn

3. bundle horn (Toe) : Upper part sees the point of view that place of two or so tire becomes for the definition, it is Toe-in upcountry, it is Toe-out outwards. Bundle the trend that horny function depends on because extroversion horn and place of road surface obstruction bring about inward or outward scroll,compensating tire, ensure of the car take a sex continuously. Toe-in can be caused turn to inadequacy, toe-out can increase change exceeding to the trend.
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