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Diagnose a method what car engine cannot start quickly
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Diagnose a method what car engine cannot start quickly

A steam repairs technician friend to say: "If you cannot be diagnosed,go outEngine cannot be startedbreakdown reason, you do not try to open hood. " this word is meant, diagnose what cannot start trouble to engine quickly, it is the foundation of vehicle maintenance and repair. Understand now how to use proper diagnostic method, follow correct diagnostic move, diagnoseEngine cannot be startedbreakdown.

1, identify breakdown cause. Cannot start the diagnosis of this kind of breakdown to engine, should detect above all accumulator. Must want to clear up, engine cannot be started is accumulator n inadequacy.

2, test point fire when. when leather belt appeared to skid phenomenon, it is to cause the prime cause that cannot start this one trouble without electric spark generation, engine.

3, detect the system that start. Cannot start this kind of trouble to engine, the job that begins to do above all is to detect the circuit in the engine system that start. From the point of the basiccest composition form, the circuit of the system that start includes generally speaking following the most primary share, namely the accumulator, electric machinery that start and join the cable of these components. Of course, besides, relay of the ignition switch, machine that start or electromagnetism coil, still the car carries system of guard against theft to wait, it is the main component of the system that start as much.

4, detect electric spark quality. Pass when the circuit of the system that start detect, after the proof does not have breakdown really, should focus attention in engine why to cannot run went up. Generally speaking, what detect above all is the ignition system of engine, this also is one the simplest detects the job. In inchoate ignition system, you are OK very get off conveniently ignition coil, detect with detector of an electric spark next electric spark is normal. When choosing electric spark detector, what a detector that can adjust wants to secure a design than is more desirable, because it allows you to adjust detector a less space, such you can know, be to do not have electric spark to arise at all, still have electric spark but very faint however?

5, detect fuel system. The diagnosis of fuel system can divide for two parts: The diagnosis of the diagnosis of fuel supply system and system of fuel injector circuit. Fuel supply system can undertake detecting through measuring the discharge of fuel and pressure. Measure the best way of fuel flow, be detect when the belt in fuel supply line is laden pipeline.

6, detect system of guard against theft: The car carries system of guard against theft to also can arise a few often the breakdown of respect of system of uncared-for fuel supply. Manufacturer of a few cars flows in data of system of guard against theft in included parameter identification * can. On a lot of models, change the module of system of guard against theft and did not undertake to it correct initialization is handled, can bring about a car to cannot be started. Still a few cars are in below certain and specific situation, lose miss the opportunity when twirl for example, need is passed change much * can controller, ability makes engine normal start. Solve
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