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The car turns to a department
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The car turns to a department

The change is used on the car or recover its travel way set an orgnaization to call a car to turn to a system only.
Turn to basic composition of the system
(1) turns to clutch operation main by change direction dish, turn to an axis, change a canal to the composition such as column.
(2) steering gear will change direction dish roll turns into turn to rocker swing or the linear reciprocate of rack axis, undertake the orgnaization of enlarge to turning to steering force. Steering gear is secured commonly go up in car frame or automobile body, transmission way still can be changed commonly after turning to steering force to pass steering gear.
(The force that 3) turns to main transfer machinery to output steering gear and motion pass a wheel (change a section to) , make or so wheel undertakes the orgnaization of deflexion by particular concern.
Turn to systematic type and working principle
Differ by what turn to the sources of energy, turn to a system to be able to be divided turn to a system for all of manual steering system and motivation two kinds big.