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What is pensile system
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Recently, the stone gentleman of Xi'an, make the average per capita such as young lady of gentleman, road call the question that refers system of concerned car suspension. They are seeing a car buy car process in, often see on brief introduction data Buddha of such as wheat inferiors a variety of around such as type of type of type of type, much connecting rod, double connecting rod, 4 connecting rod, torsional Liang Shi are pensile system, because be opposite mechanical knowledge understanding is less, they hope " school of China business car " can make common pensile system with introducing simply, explain its actor weakness. From this period begin, "School of China business car " will make successive introduction to the pensile system of the car, first phase introduces independent and pensile system and blame independence above all pensile system.

What is pensile system

Simple for, pensile system shows by automobile body and tire the bedspring between is mixed namely avoid shake implement form whole support system. The function with pensile due system is supportive automobile body, improve taken feeling, the person that the setting can make drive has different suspension to drive differently experience. Appearance looks seem simple pensile system integrated a variety of active force, deciding the stability of the car, comfortable sex and security, it is one of parts with contemporary very crucial car.

Generally speaking, the pensile system cent of the car is suspension of blame independence suspension and independence two kinds, the wheel that is not independent suspension holds the two end in axle of a whole, when at the same time when the wheel is jumpy, another side wheel is corresponding also and jumpy, make whole automobile body oscillatory or tilt; The axle of independent suspension divides two paragraphs, every wheel is by installation of helix bedspring independence below frame, when at the same time when wheel happening is jumpy, across wheel is insusceptible, the wheel of both sides can move independently, raised the smooth stability of the car and comfortable sex.

Because modern takes comfortable sex to reach to the car,operate the demand of invariability is higher and higher, be not independent and pensile system to already was washed out gradually so. And independent and pensile system because sex of its wheel touchdown is good, take comfortable sex to reach operate invariability promotes considerably, two rounds or so can move freely, the freedom of tire and ground is spent big, car is held it is better to charge a sex wait for an advantage to be used generally by car manufacturer at present. Common independent and pensile system has system of suspension of type of much connecting rod, Maifoxun system of suspension of type of arm of type suspension system, daggle is waited a moment.