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Car transmission and auxiliary transmission
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Car transmission and auxiliary transmission

Car transmission function
(1) changes transmission comparing, satisfy the need of different travel condition to traction, make engine works to fall in advantageous operating mode as far as possible, satisfy likely travelling speed requirement.
(2) implementation backs a car travel, use the need of travel of contented car retrogression.
(3) interrupts motivation to deliver, start in engine, idle fast movement, when the car shifts gear or need jockeys to be outputted into action force, interrupt the motivation to drive wheel to deliver.
Car transmission is classified
(The metabolic pattern that 1) compares by transmission differentiates, transmission can be divided to have level type, stepless type and integrated type 3 kinds.
(A) has level type transmission: A few optional secure transmission comparing, introduce positive drive. Can divide again for: The common gear transmission that gear axes secures and partial gear (planetary gear) the planetary gear transmission that axes rotates two kinds.
(Transmission of B) stepless type:   flesh a bit show off joyous ǚ paragraph? of Xi of  of  Zou  has hydraulic type commonly, mechanical and electric power type.
(Transmission of C) integrated type: Comprise jointly by transmission of type having class and stepless type transmission, its drive makes stepless change than can be in between maximum and the least value inside the limits of a few section.
(2) differentiates by control type, transmission can be divided operate to enforce type, operate automatically type and semi-automatic operate type 3 kinds.
(A) operates compulsively type transmission: Rely on a driver to operate directly gearlever shifts gear.
(B) operates automatically type transmission: The choice that transmission compares and shifting gear undertake automatically. The driver needs to operate only quicken footplate, transmission can be mixed according to the bear signal of engine speed signal will control executive element, realize archives commutation.
(C) is semi-automatic operate type transmission: Can divide it is two kinds, one kind is partial grade shift gear automatically, partial grade the hand is moved (compulsive) shift gear; Another kind is to use file of pushbutton make choice of beforehand, collecting next clutch pedal pad or loosen when quickening footplate, shift gear by actuator proper motion.
Auxiliary transmission action
On the car of much axis drive, set auxiliary transmission to give each drive axle the dynamical allocation of output. Auxiliary transmission sets file of on any account commonly, reach gear number with expanding in the drive when difficult area travel to compare further.
Car auxiliary transmission works
Each axis all uses auxiliary transmission bearing of bearing of two tapered roller, its bearing degree of tightness is spent fill up with corresponding adjustment adjust.
Off-road vehicle is when good transport travelling, reach transmission to fasten parts and tire to wear away to reduce power to use up, move should cut off a front axle motivation. When cross-country travel, if need low gear power, criterion to prevent rear is mixed in the bridge is overweighted, should make low gear motivation partakes by all drive axle. For this, be like next requirements to auxiliary transmission clutch operation: Blame receive first on front axle must not be hanged reach fast shelf, blame exit low gear first, must not pick next front axle.
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