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A few kinds change his costume or dress commonly headlight
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A few kinds change his costume or dress commonly headlight
1 change 100 W of 120 / bulb, can rise a bit bright 50 %

Insufficient: Increase line negative charge

Whatever model, use 120 / 100 W bulb is not advisability absolutely lift. Change the headlight of 50W 100W, brightness does not increase one times can simply, contrary, because power increases, line negative charge increases, can bury next accident hidden trouble.

The high temperature of the generation when 100 W bulb uses 120 / is not general absolutely primary vehicle glances the bowl reachs chimney can susceptive, or former plant installs 120 / 100 W bulb was gotten, want to improve headlight with a few yuan " too dark " difficult problem is not quite real.

If use 120 / already for a long time the car of 100 W bulb advocate, can pass through what chimney sees you carefully to glance bowl, use time likewise, oxidation degree wants more general than using 55 W bulb gets 60 / badly much, serious when still can make chimney chap, want so careful with.

2 blue smooth haloid bulb, can raise brightness 100%

Insufficient: Cannot identify brunet road surface

Do not advocate those who use 4500 K above to exceed blue smooth haloid bulb. Because of colour temperature taller, the light is bluer, jump over to brunet object illume not apparent, special in wet, damp ground presents black, use this kind of lamp to cannot identify the case of the ground at all. I once had used the Phillip with 5000 colour temperature K haloid lamp and the HID with 5000 colour temperature K. Gotten verdict, using a bit more popular argument is: " blue " do not rise, " blue " must rise.

Blue lamplight, do not have any economic value when drive a vehicle actually, this is a serious error. Say offensively to nod, the thing that ignores safety this kind of pure consideration is beautiful and badly should be produced far from and sell. If have this kind of lamp to get on high-speed car advocate should have this kind of experience: The car on the road is basic and OK look clear, but road surface is a darkness almost. Ten thousand one road surface has damaged, discover very hard, put badly in safe hidden trouble. Say it so " blue " do not rise, because the brightness of itself is finite.

3 HID xenon lamp, can raise brightness 300%

Insufficient: Quality the good and bad are intermingled, the price does not poor

The HID on the market basically is 4300 K (color Huang Jiaobai) , 6000 K (color Bai Wei is blue) , 8000 K (color is light blue) 12 thousand K (color is violet) 4 kinds.

I ever parted of purpose try out 8000 K and 6000 K two kinds of lamp holder, although colour temperature differ on data very few, but go up in the asphalt road surface of Xiamen be in the majority, the 8000 K function that is the same as a brand is apparent not as good as 6000 K. Alexandrine place says the reason, still basically be 8000 K show inadequacy slightly relative to 6000 K to the illume of brunet object, major said, it is penetration inadequacy.
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