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What to change fly degree
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One, change fly degree should change motivation, want rate: Offer a piece of advice you still buy other car, the inn of 4S of the structure that take energy of life that I-VTEC engine designs dare not change, other small store is other color.

2, change exterior, want beautiful: Know this cropland stylist to reduce little wind block, how many gold to cost?

3, change ben, want warmth: This I am held with, fly degree walk into the life, like considering a small home, the area is bit smaller, but decorate, do not have a color. My fly newly the cruel that spends ben to comparative. I still am afraid that the child breaks glass, the thing that steals me. Very CS (alarm bandit gunfight game) .

4, alter acoustics, change TV: Beautiful money for who, put a song to listen to passerby? Money province comes down to buy a jotter to put a car in, buy a good earphone again.

5, change to fill up set: Here I am bold made a speech, I most most be fed up with, those who distain is to buy a car, blame buy pay a the sort of person! Is the seat cushion that adds after covered than before good? Or not Where is be willing to part with or use? Can afford a horse, use remove saddle! My often fly degree, fly newly spend those who sit to be installed formerly, go up with respect to the shop because of summer flax cushion, go up with respect to the shop in the winter wool cushion, the seat cushion of former outfit is covered do not touch. Often fly degree used 3 years to also was not washed did not change. Use now fly newly degree, of light color, must nod carefully more. Etc dirty in the future, the brunet seat cushion that buys 1.5 campaign is covered.

With respect to above individual viewpoint, everybody speak out freely!

1: Change big exhaust----Reduced exhaust to answer pressure, low twist can drop, engine exhaust valve will spend easy burn down because of superhigh temperature.
2: Hold the head that worry mushroom----Reduced into gas inertial, low twist can drop, oily bad news is elevatory, low speed is faint.
3: Add balancing pole, horizontal draw bar----Local shake more acuteness, the meeting is permanent destroy bodywork.
4: Change one's costume or dress acoustics, tote bass big gun----Sure should tear open interior trim, tear open sure rupture, damage degree to differ just, the component inside the car tears open abnormal knocking the meeting is times more. Volume of exaggerated of bass artillery piece will be imperceptible in damage a vehicle advocate hearing, high-power acoustics often makes circuit excess load works, switch of easy burn down, cause fire.
5: Add additive of benzine, lube-----Cleaner of benzine oil path jams directly after the impurity in filter of can deliquescent benzine atomizer, engine oil additive is applied to only medium degree of Laoche that burns engine oil, any new cars are added can bring about give out heat and acuteness wear away.
6: Change big tire------Start faint, slow quickly, orgnaization of steering wheel activity wears away quickly.
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