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Can the car change color? How to change color legally?
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Can you trade the issue of color to the car? Recently, a few cars advocate refer this question to the reporter, it is too easy that the car that the reason is their home leaves in northern city dirty, and also maintain hard. At this point the reporter interviewed concerned branch.

■ consider facial expression of commutation love a car

Last year, home of Ms. Liu Ling bought the car of a blue, when choosing a vehicle at that time, a lot of color can offer an alternative, but because Ms. Liu is opposite as a child blue sky, sea is particularly yearning, so she chose blue finally.

After having a car, the family often goes for an outing, blue-black car travel is between greenbelt blue sky, do not carry have how satisfied. But every time outing come back, ms. Liu is very depressed, because love car all over the body is slimy dot, appear special below the set off of brunet car lacquer dazzling. The light color car that sees go together again is done not have however so apparent. Cope with the mud on the car to say fortunately, it is OK to be rinsed, but wash car hind, discover automobile body has the shallow nick of the loiter that be blown by the branch of hill roadside again, how to also divide do not go, but be forced to go car hairdressing inn does lacquer face to nurse, cost 100 yuan several.

Raise car cost to decrease, ms. Liu produced a bold opinion, want to love a car to change set " the dress " , change be able to bear or endure dirty, " good serve " color. But, the trouble of Ms. Liu also came, can be the color of the car changed? How should deal with formalities?

■ nod approval of car canal department just can become angry

On March 31 afternoon, the issue that the reporter is taking Ms. Liu comes to place of registration of vehicles of Xi'an city public security bureau, a staff member makes clear answer with respect to the reporter's problem: The color of the car can change. In the meantime, the conduction course that changes automobile body color gave a specification.

The staff member tells a reporter, be in charge of place to register the motor vehicle that register in Xi'an city car only, ability changes automobile body color; Procuratorate of people court, people and administration execute the law the branch closes down lawfully sequestered motor vehicle must not conduct this business. When dealing with the formalities that change color, the identification original that transactor needs to carry motor vehicle everybody and photocopy, motor vehicle registers the formalities such as card of travel of certificate, motor vehicle, in guide do a stage to get " motor vehicle change registers application form " , fill in seriously with pen or a stiff-haired writing brush, do not get alter. If be an attorney,deal with, still should refer procuratorial identification original and photocopy, be in " motor vehicle change registers application form " go up to sign jointly with motor vehicle everybody, the color after oneself change the reason of automobile body color and change should mention expressly when filling out a form.
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