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The car changes his costume or dress the safety performance that adornment wants
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The car changes his costume or dress the safety performance that adornment matters to car, accordingly, when consumer is undertaking the car is decorated or changing his costume or dress, ought to understand its adequately the influence to safety performance.

One, decorate with the car, change one's costume or dress relevant necessary legislation common sense

Before undertake decorating hairdressing to loving a car or changing his costume or dress, want to know relevant code first, lest be immersed in an error, cannot pass to close when check car not only otherwise, still can cause safe hidden trouble even, get even legal punish.

1. New " law of road transportation safety " specific provision, any units or the individual must not spell outfit motor vehicle or the structure that motor vehicle of change of do sth without authorization already ascended, construct or feature. The structure of car includes automobile body color, long, wide, 4 tall the relevant technology parameter of the standard of rigid and engine.

2. Before the car that already got license plate undertakes changing one's costume or dress, should be registered to car canal declare, its change its costume or dress canal of car of technical report classics is examined after agreeing, fang Kejin changes his costume or dress all right. Change one's costume or dress end, be dealt with to car canal even change one's costume or dress modificatory formalities.

3. Car changes his costume or dress lawful, the key is the photograph correspondence that reads car to whether go up with travel card, leave factory with car technical parameter whether conform to, do not accord with, cannot pass a yearly check.

2, adornment of common car exterior

The adornment of car exterior or safeguard can make following choices according to particular case of the individual:

1. Open light except candle: When new car leaves factory, crust has a diaphragm, so your new car should undertake to center of professional car hairdressing candle opens light dividing, make it restores beautiful beautiful attractive elegant demeanour.

3. Lacquer includes automobile body: Car exterior resembles the person's appearance, new car used appearance of period of time to be able to send black, pale. Because this is used when new car " glair " rise car lacquer bag to isolate with the outside, still need not wax.

4. "Chassis seals model " : Its rubber tree fat a kind of tall adherent sex, tall flexibility divides second spray to be on car batholith, reduced the strength that Sha Shi bumps, can have effect of anticorrosive, antirust, soundproof, to resisting winter slush is mixed slushy dose is strong caustic more effective also.

5. The change of automobile body color and automobile body frame: Need is in charge of 6 substation of place to offer application to car of the bureau that make a valve, in the course car affirms, get the car is in charge of substation after agreeing, can change. Change the use character of engine and car, to the car after change ends tubal substation deals with change to register can.
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