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The car changes his costume or dress the point should be written down prison
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Ignition system of 1. car engine changes his costume or dress

The part that ignition system acts when engine runs is to be below any engine rotate speed and different engine bear, all can offer enough voltage in opportune opportune moment, make sparkplug can produce enough to ignite the scintilla that air mixes inside cylinder, let engine gain first-rate combustion efficiency. The main unit of ignition system included power supply (storage battery) , ignition sparks device, ignition when generator of control equipment, high pressure (high-pressured coil) , high-pressured report allocates plant (cent report dish) , high-pressured lead and sparkplug. Contemporary ignition shifts to an earlier date unit already transformed to manage computer place control by engine, computer collects voltage of position of door of pressure of the engine rotate speed, manifold that take energy of life or empty throughput, solar term, storage battery, water lukewarm, explode shake. . . Wait for question mark, cipher out is optimal ignition when shift to an earlier date angle, mark of reissue ignition question, achieve reference point fire the purpose when. Of ignition system changing one's costume or dress is to fill the inadequacy of original ignition system, the target that change one's costume or dress depends on shortening place full magnetism needs time, heighten tension 2 times, reduce flash over tension, increase scintilla period, reduce transmission loss.

2. is prevented bump frame change one's costume or dress

Prevent bump frame normally by solid steel bar make it, prevent bump into ability quite strong, however the ceaseless evolution as the car, prevent bump frame however gradually " atrophic " , decay is become small, outside by beautiful plastic " surround " , prevent bump into ability to already sold at a discount greatly. Strict to the requirement car advocate for, prevent bump wearing is important change one's costume or dress component,

Change his costume or dress at present prevent the material that bumps into a place to use to be able to be divided wait for plastic, stainless steel, tensile steel and aluminium alloy. Plastic very soft, won't have any effects to SRS, so special suffer truckload the favour that produces business, often be regarded as former plant to choose fittings to sell. The former plant that waits like RANGEROVER, L.C.100, L.C.90, PAJERO is chosen deserve to prevent bump frame use plastic.

To satisfy a car advocate demand, car production business must be prevented to what have actual strength bump into a factory to order prevent bump frame (but the name) that still making car him plant, if be in Europe, DAKAR is prevented bump frame with OZ alloy annulus is encircled is one of fittings of L.C.90PRADO former plant; In Australia, AUSSIEBULLBAR is one of former plant fittings of RAV4, L.C.90PRADO and L.C.100. Because the demand of the market is different, in the United States and middle east, car advocate meet what him choose and buy needs prevent bump frame. Many cars advocate its the former plant of top class car is plastic prevent bump frame pull down, change those who have protective effect to prevent bump frame.
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