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Car changes his costume or dress need to take care safety to have hidden trouble
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The car changes his costume or dress to had become a kind to develop a car gradually advocate the fashionable trend of individual character, although the car changes his costume or dress to start in home later, but the fashionable glamour of its representing lets a person be kept out hard however. However, change car a group of things with common features people pursueing style, flaunt ego while can you deny think of to change one's costume or dress how many inconvenience and safe hidden trouble can you bring?

- xenon enrages headlight: Shake you to did not discuss

Xenon gas headlight is sent more be loved car gens and the favour of gens changing a car, this not only the penetration as a result of itself light, more the uncommon temperament that representing a kind of nobility because of it. Xenon lamp is deployed only commonly it is on the model with higher level. because of such, change car a group of things with common features to think this is normally most show off one the handiest changes his costume or dress.

As we have learned, general and haloid bulb can produce the luminous flux of 1000Lumen only, and the luminous flux that xenon lamp output is as high as 3000Lumen, the brightness of 300% promotes to nightly in reaching mist, drive have clear improvement action, but the kongfu that shakes a person is likewise top-ranking. Xenon lamp gave out the brilliant that is close to sun's rays most to get lubricious Bai Guang, distance of the car after person eye is right when be shaken by this kind of lamplight and positional judgement can sell at a discount greatly.

Hidden trouble index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

- " have a fever " acoustics: Dispersive attention

General component is car acoustics introductory class, advanced, change one's costume or dress class and have a fever class. Change his costume or dress to vogue a group of things with common features, do not change acoustics not to calculate brave man absolutely. Bass artillery piece is Chongzhongzhi is weighed, many changing one's costume or dress have a fever a group of things with common features meeting gives sound system position of whole and mothball side designedly. Although early days uses result of the buy inside nose itself to put first,drive two pairs of horns, result of the buy outside be being passed even puts the hearing with get better to enjoy. Such enjoyment in changing circumjacent car side " noise " , the acoustics of more than 100 decibel dispersed greatly the driver's attention. In addition, this kind " super " acoustics can be disturbed all round inside limits of 30 square metre cry flute bray, car is very incidental cut loiter.

Hidden trouble index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

- stick film to stick a picture: Inside and outside looks not clear

Stick film to new car this give no cause for more criticism, but change one's costume or dress gens to stress individual character, constant meeting is bought a few " inside and outside looks not clear " film of individual character car, these car film often appearance not the rule, color is multifarious also. Still film of a few cars is had glance function, looking from outside is one side mirror, can reflex sun's rays from time to time, of Leng Buding let circumjacent driver incur shake unidentifiedly. Additionally a few love car a group of things with common features to like to be in automobile body or hind stick on glass a few marked small stick a picture, this is not little vision test however to the driver inside the car, itself viewfinder is put in blind area, stick a picture " horizontal sky " block the way allows a car advocate master road surface circumstance harder.
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