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10 thousand yuan of car acoustics of the left and right sides take recipe case
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Incoming telegram of Mr Jin Jiangding tells us, he after last weeks saw this column report about the contrast of family expenses acoustics and car acoustics, feel car acoustics still has very much change one's costume or dress of value. Because he is constant,be on board, hear musical time longer; 2 it is if acoustics of a car can achieve 80%% of family expenses acoustics,he feels, the effect of 90%% , that special ideal, so, he hopes this column can help him give plan of 10 thousand yuan of car acoustics collocation.

Considering fourth gentleman music of sound audition a person is in the majority, take happy feeling, detail seriously quite, the proposal that this column gives out is as follows: Above all, change phonic source lead plane. Recommend use A Er to send 9884 lead plane, the quantity outputs n to be 4V before, 3 groups of RCA are outputted, bass can become independent adjusting control, be convenient very on EQ adjustment, the price 2000 yuan. Next, advocate sound field horn recommends use Sweden to install Klaxon DLSR6A formerly horn of 6 inches of suit. This is high to the horn it is filar film, very outstanding to behaving overtone of musical instrument, voice, but outspread to 21KHZ. In bass 6 inches of horns are compound basin, voice is melting, low frequency can go to 53HZ below. This has DLS horn to horn element in " the king of voice " good name, the price 3000 yuan. Again, result put recommend use Sweden to install car work to put DLSCA31 formerly 3 result are put. Two service will push advocate sound field horn, push bass all the way, behaving the effect should be very pretty good. Additional, this result is put still having a characteristic is stability very good, with R6A suit horn very tie-in, the price 3000 yuan. Finally, bass suggests to use American BKR1010 inch sackbut. The characteristic of this sackbut is: Sensitivity 91DB, transient state is particularly good, bass energy is centered in 45HZ more, 65HZ, very strong, won't make person sense very empty come loose, the price 1500 yuan. Result put, horn, lead plane is configured, it is processing of wire, sound insulation next, probably even 1000 yuan. Equipment of a complete set of is done 10500 yuan calm, and can expect its are wonderful to the top of one's bent the effect.