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Stir file to save oil to enrol automatic archives interest to change a hand exce
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Since last centuries 40 time, automatic transmission applies the first car on the United States' current car to begin, block a car automatically from do not have have, arrive again today predominate, passed the development of 60 old time. Move about the hand during this block and block automatically to actor or actress the controversy of whose bad also did not rest all the time.

Block interest automatically to change a hand to move to save oil to be enrolled exceptionally block

Had recently quite one part consumer tries to block his automatically the car changes a hand to move block. And move with automatic or automatic hand all the time mix model the medium-sized car city that give priority to, also rolled out a few advocate hatchet man is moved model. Is the hand moved block may revive? Change one's costume or dress have a risk? A series of doubt are following one by one.

Change one's costume or dress inn master tells a reporter, this paragraph of time will seek advice to change manual car automatically advocate many, their inn operated a few successfully also, the result is right. "It is a man for the most part, and car age is controlled in 5 years commonly, do not want to transfer, but think the section is oily again and rise hold charge a sex. If have,change his costume or dress certainly value we just suggest car advocate change one's costume or dress. " it is special not only change one's costume or dress inn has such business, connect general motor repair shop, also from time to time the car that can encounter a requirement to change one's costume or dress advocate. The reporter understands through association of vehicle maintenance and repair, had carried on last year for the most part in member company this kind changes his costume or dress business, express to had last year grow considerably.

"Automatic " change " the hand is moved " sadly popular

Be engaged in old car changing one's costume or dress the old master of practice tells a reporter, block automatically now change a hand to use the model that block more is to fly degree, still have other the model that contrasts economic material benefit uses this kind more easily also to change one's costume or dress, but with day department car is given priority to, main reason is spare parts of day department car is bought more easily. Usually 20 thousand yuan, can do decide all changing one's costume or dress program.

Be aimed at Laoliu the car of this car besides, old master says or state with certainty, can change, but price respect may want a few more expensive, want 25 thousand yuan or so. Because, through the examination of old master, laoliu's car because car age is longer, altered place is more. Should decide to match above all " wave box " , namely gear-box, this is whole the core that change one's costume or dress, also be the most expensive component, need 10 thousand yuan probably. Next, computer of drive a vehicle and entire line need to change one's costume or dress or change, need matchs completely with transmission. Of course, lever of zip of a few foot footplate related to gear-box, shift gears, shift gears and appearance dial will inspect a condition and change. Old division Fu Shui is whole change if the job is in below the circumstance with all ready component, two days can be finished. General economy car does this kind to change one's costume or dress, average price is controlled in 20 thousand yuan.
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