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The car changes his costume or dress with acoustics layout: Loudhailer position
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Change his costume or dress in acoustics respect, result put, of loudhailer and so on it is very important to change one's costume or dress, the position that at the same time sound equipment installs, layout also is met to acoustics generation huge influence.

- door sound insulation

Listen inside the car music admires music to have with Li Xin is in the home the biggest different, that is a car in sudden shift, to achieve very good result, this raised taller requirement to sound equipment, at the same time when travel of car high speed, wind a confusion of voices, embryo a confusion of voices reachs mechanical a confusion of voices.

Sound can generate interference to sound system. Because this needs,undertake transforming to car. It is to choose door to do commonly make shake and sound insulation. Door sound insulation changes his costume or dress in a lot of cars can do in inn, car acoustics inn.

The epispastic foam rubber or plastic that uses softness commonly comes sealed door antrum, the effect is best is to use make shake board professionally, but the cost that controls shake board wants than epispastic sponge a lot of taller.

- loudhailer position has exquisite

When car acoustics changes his costume or dress, loudhailer of tall, medium, bass also should become independent severally, if installation is met only together,disturb each other. Like a car advocate changing his costume or dress when acoustics of his Ao Di A6, tweeter installation is in A column two side, what phonic speaker installs advanced door in is mid the position before leaning, and in the end end that sackbut installs advanced door. According to changing one's costume or dress technician introduction, such is helpful for alt between join, form the exact location of phonic field. And such changing one's costume or dress that can tear apart at any time come down.