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Car storage battery does not have report to need not be afraid that 3 kinds of m
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The friend that a lot of driving encounters accumulator possibly to do not have electric circumstance, at that time the car starts the business that makes compare difficulty, so how to solve this kind of awkward problem? The author recommends 3 kinds of methods to everybody:

Go-cart is started

Go-cart is started is everybody be familiar with most also is the most effective lash-up starts a method, but this is one kind does not get personal measure, often cannot use, because do pair of engine and clutch to have certain loss so, block car automatically to want to avoid to use this method to start especially. Go-cart starts to need two individual above commonly, if only one person of driver is carried out hard,start.

The way that car place position should watch above all before go-cart is started besides whether to suit go-cart to start, can decline of have the aid of increases speed, if car ahead is ascent, so forward go-cart will be very tired, speed rises very hard also, should move so transfer the head is down slope direction go-cart. Do not mix in car as far as possible go-cart of the pedestrian's much a section of a highway starts, lest car starts hind meet an emergency of the person that drive is undeserved occurrence accident.

Ignition switch should be opened before car is driven, achieve quite after speed, hang transmission block, loosen clutch pedal pad is cheered quickly next. Once engine starts, answer to step on next clutch pedal pad quickly, control accelerator at the same time, do not let engine flameout, jockey slowly next.

Build receive start

If encounter the car that there still is a person of the same trade when the circumstance, when there still is bond cable on the car, still can use storage battery to build received method to start car. Approach two cars first when particular operation, till bond cable enough join of two accumulator negative pole. Want to notice to ensure two cars do not have a contact, allow to make appliance has sufficient carrying capacity only and take the cable with cortical insulation. If carry the storage battery of power supply source,the installation position inconvenience on car has bond directly, must use a tool to tear open accumulator below.

Decide the anode of two accumulator and negative pole, use cable rises positive electrode and anode, negative pole and negative pole repeatedly respectively. Should notice accumulator negative pole scarcely should make a mistake, and the reliable join that should assure cable. Decorate the trend of good cable, the cable when preventing to start and adhesive plaster or fan blow loiter.

Close all accessary facility using phone on the car, start the car that the accumulator that provides power source is in, make its start accident to turn a few minutes in order to make sure n is enough. Start the car that do not have report by regular pattern next, after starting, answer to walk gently quicken footplate, make engine runs a few minutes with the rotate speed of 2000r / Min. Shut the ignition switch of two cars next, demolish cable carefully, the attention avoids photograph of connect of negative pole cable is touched.
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