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Lash-up of the breakdown in car travel road maintains a method
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Car lash-up maintenance is a kind of provisionality that when be aimed at a car to malfunction in travel road, uses remedies measure, because this arrives at destination to should undertake repairing according to normal demand in car, produce bigger trouble and friend of hair make trouble in case.

1, the emergency treatment measure with radiator slack conduit

When hose of water of radiator pass in and out has a few crack, usable cloth is twined, taller plastic cloth and cotton cloth fold usable also intensity together to wrap up in slack place, cord of reoccupy fine iron wire binds firm method to have first aid.

If lining core is in charge of broken leakage, but will outer carbon fin is cut off, solder of iron of the chew that use a needle is repaired or use take-over law rehabilitate. Squash solder can be in charge of core to die when damaged is serious, or leakage canal two end are blocked up dead, group the number that block a canal up must not is more than 5% .

2, the emergency treatment that fan belt damages

Once engine fan belt damages, can use " suture law " disconnect in the distance namely place, two end each 1~2cm place gets a few alveolus, leather belt with fine iron wire suture rises.

3, the first aid that carburettor bobber cuts leakage

Carburettor defeats leakage to cause the oil in carburettor float room because of carburettor float the face is elevatory, mixture energy of life is too strong, cause engine movement is flabby, hair is frowsty, muffler gives out arrhythmic dash forward dash forward sound risks black smoke. This is commonner breakdown. Fill in usable at ordinary times solder or change the method rehabilitate of carburettor float. In road of drive a vehicle, do not have carburettor float to be able to be changed already, when having solder filling tool again, can take following step:

Tear open carburettor float below, carburettor float rent is put into hot water on face (water is warm) of ℃ of 95 ℃ ~100, the benzine in carburettor float is met because of be heated issue course of study from broken leak evaporate. Took carburettor float from inside hot water, the nature in park air is cooling, press next a rehabilitate of measure of a few kinds of lash-up.

3.1 seal glue to add with accumulator lukewarm hind, besmear is defeating leak, for reliable for the purpose of, can be outside the bitumen that seal glue, reoccupy a small plastic cloth, after heating its, affix.

3.2 with epoxy resin gooey filling crackle or crevasse, and strickle, lest add carburettor float weight.

3.3 besmear with soap shot-off of loss is in, or the Tu Yu after drop Qing Dynasty heats broken leak makes his sealed, OK also balata (or plastic cloth) ignite after waiting for its to fuse undertake frit droplet at defeating leak sealed.

4, the emergency treatment that gasoline pump diaphragm injures

Burst of gasoline pump diaphragm can cause the inadequacy that offer oil, car travel is faint, engine increases rotate speed not easily. The meeting when serious burst is caused do not come oily breakdown.
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