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How should car spontaneous combustion do?
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Because car spontaneous combustion is sudden incident not only, and to specific car advocate for often also be to be come up against for the first time, can reduce a loss leisurely quite so. Conversely, answer undeserved the tragedy that causes a car likely to destroy a person to hurt.

Appliance of put out a fire must deploy: If be powder fire extinguisher,remember, had better go to place every year shop of fire control equipment is checked, whether does examination powder powder agglomerate, offer pressure of bottle of nitrogen of the buy inside eject dynamic to whether drop. Fire extinguisher was not deployed by the regulation on the car of a lot of people or deployed nonsked also change, and most person had not used fire extinguisher at all, these are buried for fire and severe loss played the root of the trouble. Suggest every driver should be familiar with those who master fire extinguisher to use a method, lest send,be at a loss what to do when unripe accident.

Master correct procedure: Have scorching when disclosure car, when smother perhaps appearing inside the car, whether is should clearing up this instantly the foreboding of spontaneous combustion. If be spontaneous combustion, what should do is to jockey immediately, shake handshandle Buddhist templeput on the brakes, shut power source. Leave flaming car quickly next, take out fire extinguisher, drop in temperature to gasoline tank and flaming part put out a fire, in order to prevent explosion. Should be in for a short while accurate find on fire place, extinguish its with fire extinguisher. If hair is uptodate already later, igneous situation very big, should be far from the spot as soon as possible and seasonable to 119 call the police. The safety that notes a person is on, do not want the property inside urgent rescue car, in case by accident burn. Here should warn new driver, drive especially secondhand the new driver of old car, want to learn how to open engine lid, once the on fire, small fire that even if be one man,lights also can look at it helplessly only,spread to come otherwise burn down is whole car.

Cast in time protect: Insurance company has spontaneous combustion a place difficult of access commonly, namely car is add danger of spontaneous combustion loss, the regulation is cast protect motor vehicle to because the itself electric equipment, circuitry, system that offer oil malfunctions,those who cause fire is in in use process, belong to spontaneous combustion, insurance company can undertake compensate pays. Accordingly, summertime drive a vehicle is safe for the purpose of, should cast guarantee spontaneous combustion a place difficult of access.