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Vehicle failure forms a reason to basically have what side
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The car is in use process, because various reasons want inevitably to malfunction, make the dynamical sex of the car, economy, operate stability, use security produce change. Vehicle failure is had a plenty of paroxysmal, have a plenty of what form gradually. When the car malfunctions, can use experience and scientific knowledge well and truly apace diagnoses a breakdown cause, find out the component of attaint and place, remove trouble as soon as possible, advantageous to the use of the car and maintenance.

The formation of vehicle failure reason:

Vehicle failure forms a reason to basically have:

1. itself is existing fragile spare parts

All spare partses on the car cannot be accomplished to have coequal life in car design, some spare partses are car itself fragile, for example air filter the service life such as core, sparkplug, engine oil is briefer, all need to change regularly, if do not have,change in time or damage the car can malfunction ahead of schedule.

Difference of quality of itself of 2. spare parts

Car and car spare parts are big approve what measure and produce by different manufacturer, put inevitably in quality difference. Former plant fittings is used in meeting occurrence problem, synergic factory and unqualified fittings outfit can appear more to the car problem, because this is all,car manufacturer improves fittings quality in effort, eliminate flaw of quality of spare parts itself.

3. car uses up character to measure difference

The running stores on the car basically has fuel and lube to wait, these add things quality to differ the performance characteristics of car of can serious effect and service life, make the car malfunctions more easily. And the accretion of these thingses often is assured very hard by the user, can add inferior benzine and inferior lubricating oil carelessly a bit, great to the harm of car and engine, the user has not cared about the likelihood, the car gives an issue.

4. car uses environmental shadow part of the day

The car is open air to use, environmental impact is bigger. Expanse of freeway road surface is even, car rate is high, give breakdown and accident easily; Way is wrong, car vibration is bumpy and serious, suffer loss easily. A mountainous area motivation is used up big, the car time such as the city is long wait to make the car uses operating mode to produce very big change, when cannot suiting sometimes, with respect to incidental breakdown, or cause paroxysmal damage.

Road-sense mixes 5. drive methodological influence

Road-sense is very big to vehicle failure influence, use method is undeserved the impact is bigger. The car uses administrative not to be pooh-poohed, cannot undertake close and be maintenanced regularly by the regulation, cruel start and cruel drive wait to be able to make inchoate attaint mixes the car occurrence breakdown.

Vehicle failure diagnoses 6. technology and the shadow part of the day that maintain a technology
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