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How to prevent a car slack
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Car leakage rain is a kind of common phenomenon. How to prevent a car slack? Leakage rain appears in the switch of the door, boot to be in normally, the account that produces this kind of situation depends on mostly waterproof, namely glue is made waterproof undesirable, become old ageing perhaps ruptures, rainwater is met therefrom immerge. With waterproof a medicine of appropriative stick together is new sticky receive, can prevent completely slack.

Ordinary water from above below leakage, but also have from bottom refluent, the cause that creates this kind of situation is the rubber stopper of motherboard. There are a few openings on motherboard, rubber stopper from above built-in, after here deviate, direct coupling turns into condition with the ground inside the car, the rainwater when heavy rain from next infiltration. When the floor is soaked, should suspect here above all.

When raining, the water that distills from wringing umbrella can wet a foot to step mat, if not its insolation, become moldy easily. Inside the car if mildew, get rid of very hard mildew flavour, can cause the disease of respiratory system sometimes. Put umbrella the car inside when the attention throws water, load polybag inside, wetted foot steps mat also want as early as possible insolation.

Situation of general car leakage rain nothing more than the following kinds:

Inlaid is waterproof all round 1. door, very easy and deflective, if rainwater enters a car inside, check please waterproof.

2. is sticky receive happen those who become loose is waterproof, with agent of special stick together afresh sticky receive. Rehabilitate sealed property, make its won't leak again rain, old car still is asked advertent and waterproof ageing.

Rain leaks all round 3. door, the reason depends on mostly all round sticky those who stick is waterproof, the examination has without rupture, flake.

4. is waterproof float has an one share or screwy, therefrom of rainwater classics regular meeting is flowed into, the beard when be out of shape badly changes.

When 5. flakes, the agent of waterproof stick together that uses a kind to make sealant is new sticky stick, lest be done,notice not beyond the mark drag.

It is very difficult that one fraction of 6. becomes loose sticky when sticking, flat pare its again sticky receive, so OK repair is waterproof screwy, flabby.

Also stick all round 7. boot have waterproof, regular meeting occurrence flexure is closer, screwy, rainwater the circumstance from aperture immerge.

8. denude is waterproof, afresh sticky after sticking, the balata on besmear uses protective agent, make its restore elastic force, can solve.

9. turns over ground mat, show rubber stopper. If rubber stopper falls off, water is met from car of road surface immerge inside.

10. boot as much, the rubber stopper that checks floor is complete table.


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