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Type of shallow report talking about light is fastened without contact electron
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One, summary

The article basically introduces type of a photoelectricity to control the engine of ignition, because circuit contact is undesirable,cause central high tension line not the breakdown of flash over, in the spare parts that fastens from compositive ignition, the account that the analysis produces breakdown and detect method.

2, introductive

Photoelectricity type does not have contact electron ignition system, it is by photoelectricity type is ignited control replaces a kind of circuit that has contact stir up trouble. Breakdown carries the computer, low-pressure circuit and place of high-pressured circuit breakdown to cause by sensor, car normally, once malfunction, bring about engine to work to cannot be started even out of order directly, because its are controlled by the electron completely, circuit is complex, technical strong, and breakdown concealments, be hard to discover, accordingly, the analysis, composition that studies ignition is fastened reachs the method that breakdown detects, reach concerned maintenance technician to oneself, raise maintenance technology level, accurate apace eliminates vehicle failure to have certain referenced sense.

3, text

(One) electronic-controlled the breakdown appearance that engine light a fire ties

Ignition ties central high tension line not flash over, basically have tripartite side: The breakdown of ① low-pressure circuit, encircle the circuit breakdown of the primary generation that carry place to the high tension line from ignition switch namely. The breakdown of circuit of ② high pressure, arrive from the high tension line central namely sparkplug paragraph breakdown. ③ electron dominates circuit, namely photoelectricity type sensor, transistor of the computer, power type igniter.

(2) the composition that ignition fastens and the account that produce breakdown

Electronic-controlled the composition that ignition fastens, include controller of crankshaft position sensor, electron (coil of type igniter, ignition mixes transistor of ECU) , power sparkplug. The composition that fastens from ignition is knowable, the action that electronic ignition fastens is the 12V low pressure that furnishs power source report turns into high-pressured report (10 ~ 30kV) , and the requirement of the working order according to engine and ignition time, send each well and truly timelily crock sparkplug high-pressured telegram, generation electric spark, ignite can burn mixture gas, make engine works. Cause engine maximum pressure not the reason of flash over breakdown has the following sides about:

1. High pressure ignites coil gives trouble

High-pressured coil one aspect of the matter receives power source, the power enlarge inside another termination igniter is in charge of, guide when power transistor when connecting, primary winding electrify, produce magnetic field, when power transistor ends, tall voltage of sub winding induction, make sparkplug flash over, if the high tension line encircles short circuit or open circuit, cannot achieve the high pressure of 10 ~ 30kV, namely cannot flash over.
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