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Electric gush engine 3 grand ceremony breakdown is analytic
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When the trouble that removes electric gush engine, although breakdown phenomenon is different,discover, reason each different, but have typical sex quite mix when sensor of the sensor that belong to oxygen, cooling fluid temperature the breakdown of sensor of position of solar term door. They have the characteristic with high fault rate not only, and bigger also to the influence of engine operating mode.

Breakdown of 1. oxygen sensor

Oxygen sensor job breaks regular meeting to affect computer ECU to compare accurate control to mixing air air to light, bring engine power sex, socioeconomic to drop to purify sexual aggravation with exhaust. Engine is right now easy occurrence idle fast flabby, be short of fire, asthma to tremble to increase with oily bad news wait for a phenomenon. When occurrence breakdown of sensor of the oxygen below the circumstance or circuit connection are normally bad, ECU can store memory is warned.

The reason of inchoate attaint has oxygen sensor: Used the gas that contain lead, make lead touchs the working face that is added in sensor and produce lead " toxic " ; Silicon fluid sealant was used when engine is maintained, the 2 oxidation silicon that after the silicon compound that contains in together with benzine and lube burns, makes, bring about oxygen sensor invalidation; Sometimes engine temperature is exorbitant, cause the inchoate damage of oxygen sensor easily also.

Although this sensor has the form such as zirconia, titanium dioxide, its detect method, data also has difference, introduce a kind now general and applicable detect method: The wiring sensor board tear open below, make the measures a head to touch sensor is carried connect of volmeter. Make engine is in first fast warming-up condition issues idle, the data of volmeter should be more than fiducial value (the happening on sensor of the oxygen when rich mixture voltage) ; Again air flowmeter adjust bolt towards the left to turn, the chroma that allows mixture gas becomes rare (still should maintain idle fast movement) , at this moment volmeter should under fiducial value (relatively the happening of sensor of the oxygen below lean mixture condition voltage) . Oxygen sensor damages, should grant to change normally. It is certain that some manufacturers set every travel oxygen sensor should change after course of development, make engine holds good working position forever.

Breakdown of sensor of temperature of 2. cooling fluid

This sensor is the important information that computer ECU provides, it is the important basis that ECU control fuel injection measures. If sensor job is wrong, will bring about mixture gas pilot too thick or too rare, most engine can appear cold starting difficulty, idle fast undesirable increase with oily bad news wait for a phenomenon. This sensor, ECU can store memory is warned.

Of this sensor detect the method is (with Feng Tian 2JZ-GE electric gush engine is exemple) : Unplug outlet of next sensor wiring harness, tear open next sensor; Will heat to water in sensor park water (sensor terminal should show water) , measure at the same time sensor falls in different temperature the resistor between two terminal; Will measure so that resistance and mark fiducial value compare (see a table) . If do not accord with a standard, should give change.
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