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5 of engine trouble detect point
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Car engine trouble detects point

Engine work is not smooth, it affects the dynamical sex of the car and economy directly, and the comfortable sex that the passenger takes, increase car contaminant discharge etc, accordingly, the vehicle that becomes us appears when engine work is flabby, we want differentiate the reason of its breakdown, make its return to normal working method. Examination move is as follows:

1, should check sparkplug and cent crock line. Whether does the clearance of sparkplug accord with standard of former plant technology, whether does the resistance of the line that divide a crock also accord with technical requirement, if be not accorded with,need to undertake adjustment or change.

2, need those who have fuel pressure system to detect. Watch of examination fuel pressure and fuel pressure express package, join vitta and oil are expressed. Starting engine makes its enter idle fast movement, fuel gauge reading should be inside 270~320kpa limits. If pressure exceeds technical standards, need to change fuel pressure adjuster and fuel filter.

3, check each crocks of atomizer. Make engine enters idle fast movement, disconnect respectively each atomizer outlet, check its idle fast whether to have change, if disconnect the atomizer of every air cylinder, idle fast reduce basic and identical, explain atomizer works all normal. Should disconnect when certain atomizer, engine idle fast reach its stability all invariant, whether is the resistance that needs to measure atomizer outlet 10~13, if do not accord with mark,change definitely atomizer.

Still need to undertake PGM of course - FI advocate between relay and plug join dot the examination of lead, plug joins whether lead has crack between dot and atomizer, connection is bad wait for breakdown.

4, fuel pump and examination of fuel pump circuit. The examination of fuel pump: Twist next fuel box to build, ignition switch is when ON position, the sound that records a mouth to be able to hear oil pump to run is added in fuel, below regular job circumstance, it is when ignition switch when ON, fuel pump should run 2 seconds. If fuel pump does not run, check oil pump to be sure to whether burn out above all. Examination PGM - FI advocate whether to guide between relay and plug terminal etc.

5, the circumstance of job of cylinder body of a powerful person of electromagnetism of control of steam of the pressure that checks air cylinder even next, clearance that receives exhaust valve, fuel, EGR a powerful person, manifold that take energy of life is flat etc.

Cause engine to work flabby reason is very much, accordingly, undertake an analysis according to particular case even in real work, ability is accurate find out breakdown reason and the method that solve a problem.