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Cannot be engine started how to do?
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When opening motive belt not to use motor, if horn volume or headlamp brightness are more abate than normal circumstance, answer to check accumulator above all. And if start function, but when engine did not react, can undertake as follows checking:

1, whether does examination engine lack benzine. engine ignition key turns " ON " the position, look carefully at benzine to express guiding principle, if pressing with a finger is pointed to " E " , state benzine case is empty, answer to add benzine to the middle of benzine box. Vehicle maintenance and repair person

2, if the car is not short of benzine, should check sparkplug whether the scintilla with normal generation. Take next sparkplug, make any place metal spare partses of its ground connection electrode and engine conterminous touch, turn ignition key " START ' the position, drive engine with the machine that start, when the electric spark with active blue jumps over the electrode of sparkplug, representing ignition system is normal. If foul or sparkplug is damp, apply clean dry cloth wipe up.

3, if sparkplug does not produce scintilla, should examine ignition system. Examination high tension line is inserted whether firmly in proper place. If discover the termination of the high tension line or do electric equipment to build moisture, the cloth of usable cleanness is wiped, install firmly next original locally. Next wet start difficulty, because what ignition system moisture causes,be mostly.

4, if engine is in hot condition, perhaps smell benzine flavour, the likelihood is carburettor offer oil overmuch. When this kind of circumstance starts engine, should quicken footplate to step after all, push button of block air door restart, actuate opens motive but cannot make it runs 108 hours continuously above.