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How to seek vehicle failure source through hearing voice
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The car is normal when travel if appeared strange, blazing noise, this needs special attention. If have,delay, the trouble can appear subsequently. Any blame that arise from inside the car are normal sound means a car certain change appeared in movement, had better be look for them. This period the club induced the sound kind that regular meeting of a few classics encounters and main processing technique.

Start abnormal knocking of engine room interior

1. high frequency shriek: When if become,engine runs or appear when cold Che Qi is moved scream, the possibility is created. Check leather belt and undertake proper adjustment to leather belt degree of tightness. Check the ministry side V leather belt even additionally, affirm whether its already were ground thin, thin-skinned belt becomes smooth and travelling block of not easy and normal region turns, be about to change below this kind of circumstance leather belt.

The metal of 2. light tone bumps noisy: If your engine noise seems to the eyewinker is bumped back and forth inside, namely so called " blowout " . Producing an account is the oil gas mixture inside firebox fails to burn adequately, because used the gas with too low grade,often be, can produce engine overheat at the same time. Whether be through observing cooling fluid temperature will decide engine below normal temperature condition the job. If not be, change the gas that uses high grade please. If still phonic, can use the additive that raises zincic alkyl cost. Additionally one kind of generation " blowout " possibility is engine carbon is accumulated inside firebox too much. Below this kind of circumstance, the fuel system clear lotion that adds a few high quality is cleared firebox bilge, can prolong the life of engine.

Serious " blowout " the damage that can cause engine firebox and piston. But if just be in,longitudinal noise appears when the car is quickened and climbing slope, this cannot explain appeared problem. If using gas,often still appear below normal circumstance " blowout " the phenomenon should let in time maintain technician to overhaul.

3. clap sound or with a tick make sound: The clap reputation that if engine is heard to give out when quicken,has rhythm or with a tick make sound, its reason often is spiracle clearance is adjusted undeserved cause, or be engine oil or engine oil filter are short of to was not changed for a long time inside engine. What need does is, check engine oil above all, if lack,increase appropriate position. If return cannot purify abnormal knocking, be about to check spiracle clearance and adjust appropriate position. These maintenance that are be economical method, if abnormal knocking still appears, undertake was maintaininged in the round to engine with respect to need.

4. explodes shake sound: If hear sound to seem,be somebody with engine of heavy weight knock, likelihood the question is big. Loud, the signal that the knock sound of deepness often is serious and mechanical damaged, if engine cylinder bushing damages, bearing or connecting rod damaged. Do not drive again right now car, what may damage in that way is more serious.
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