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Shanghai does not overcome car appearance to indicate corrective maintenance
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Breakdown phenomenon: A Shanghai does not overcome a car, in car travel process, directive of lukewarm table of constant occurrence revolution counter, odograph, fuel gauge and water is the phenomenon of 0.

Corrective maintenance: With TECH2 scanning tool (personal computer breakdown diagnoses appearance) read take breakdown code, discovery individually electronic-controlled module all does not have current trouble code, and appear in historical breakdown code many breakdown code. Among them: SDM (safe gasbag controls module) in occurrence U1040 -- lose the dialogue that dominates module with ABS, u1000 -- invalidation of 2 form function, u1064 -- lose multiple dialog, u1016 -- lose the dialog with PCM; IPC (appearance controls module) in occurrence U1016 -- lose the dialog with PCM; BCM (automobile body controls module) in occurrence U1000 -- invalidation of 2 form function.

Pass breakdown code read take can know, the multichannel information of this car transmits systematic existence breakdown, because OBD- Ⅱ sets the breakdown code of U word head,be car multichannel information to transmit breakdown code of the system. Through consulting Shanghai is fastened but the circuit graph of the power source system of the car can know, above electronic-controlled module is common a power supply cord, and pass front wall board. Be intermittence as a result of breakdown code, conclude the likelihood is breakdown of open circuit of intermittence of happening of this power supply cord.

Via checking discovery, this power source because wear away,bring about a contact first undesirable, through the trouble removal after processing.