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Sea horse car of 3 series model advocate people the problem that in be being use
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A few kinds of phenomena that later development place narrates, it is sea horse the car of 3 series model advocate people the comparison that encounters in be used daily is typical, have representative problem at the same time. At this point the maintenance expert that we consulted sea horse car got detailed solution. Car advocate general issue of report and specific solution are as follows:

★ problem 1: Speed is spent 80 - the noise when 100km is apparent, 120km above disappears, high speed feels brake slants soft.

Solve reach processing kind: Noise is likely the sound that rumour or tire bite the ground, car has some of component to be able to give out a few sound in travel process, wait like fan, leather belt, of all kinds bearing, produce resonance sound possibly also inside certain frequency additionally. Additionally tire embryo is pressed exorbitant, tread is harder, also produce agglutination noise, also can pass change milder tire improvement. Brake problem suggests to make the scrutiny of braking system all to nearby service station, inspect the following item: Whether does the free travel of footplate of apply the brake grow too? Whether does pipeline of apply the brake put available gas to wait.

★ problem 2: Aggravate of noise of the fan when backing a car is reached below the circumstance that high speed runs, the companion when sound is the highest has door vibration.

Solve reach processing way: General sound sound opens optimal effect to go, the biggest easy cause resonance, close a little small went, do not open the largest position. In high speed movement reachs the computer when backing a car to be able to control fan roll, rotate speed rises belong to normal phenomenon.

★ problem 3: Winter strike a light is very laborious, sometimes 5, 6 seconds or so dozen had caught fire, sometimes 2, 3 seconds are hit do not wear abandon, can hit very easily the 2nd times.

Solve reach processing way: Winter air temperature is inferior, engine starts difficulty to belong to normal phenomenon. Normal circumstance falls to start time not to exceed 10 seconds every time, 10 seconds redo starts be apart the next time. Start in the winter 5, 10 seconds, start 2, 3 all normal, do not have any bad influences to car. But winter storage battery uses up n more easily, long park car suggests 3 ~ are started 5 days let engine idle n of storage battery of card of middleman and guarantor of fast number cent is stable.

★ problem 4: The color after the vent-pipe part of car is using period of time can have the change of red or black, whether be unusual. At the same time abiogenesis the vent-pipe after jockeying or car bottom are given out slight " rustle " noise.

Solve reach processing kind: Vent-pipe has become angry certainly attribute normal situation, some turns mud into yellow, some becomes the dark gray of cast-iron type, because surface layer of the vent-pipe below high temperature environment can form an oxidation film,this is, in order to resist of the outside corrode. If the partly square whole perhaps face of vent-pipe has rusty appearance, also need not anxious, after oxidation film is formed, of can natural improvement. Car vent-pipe appears to expand slightly because of caloric change in the meeting after jockeying reach atrophic phenomenon, it is normal that slight noise is belonged to.
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