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VOLVO engine is adjusted basically with maintain the lamp clears
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Basic idle fast adjust

VOLVO car is medium, 240, 440, 460, 480, 740, 760 reach 940 engine basic idle fast can use bypass air to adjust screw to adjust idle fast, and 850 reach by engine computer direct control is amended 960, because this need not be adjusted.

Door of 1. solar term opens those who spend the position basically to adjust

Adjust basic idle fast before, must first set adjusts door of good solar term to open degree of position basically. Adjust solar term door to open degree of position program basically to be:

(L) loosen solar term door to draw a line above all;

(2) loosen solar term door to stop move screw, close completely till solar term door;

(3) to 4, 6 crocks of engine, stop solar term door L/4 is twisted to encircle again when moving screw to twist push rod of door of solar term of firm bring into contact with can, and 5 crocks of engine, twist person L/2 circle.

2. basic idle fast adjust

(L) the engine that start, made movement reachs regular job temperature, consult next following requirement will adjust idle according to different model fast bond line takes iron:

① VOLVO240 model, blue / white line takes iron;

② VOLVO740 model, white line takes iron;

③ VOLVO740/760/940 model, red / take iron from the line.

(2) adjust air bypass screw, make accord with norms issueing a list:

Model 240440/460/480740/760/940

Bond builds the R/min700700700 when iron line

± of the R/min750 when taking bond line 25750 ± of 25800 ± 20

Fuel system bolt measures technical point:

L.VOLVO car is medium, use LH2.2, LH2.4, LH3.1, Motrodc (35pin) reach Motronic-1.8 system to be 2 gasoline pump, other system all is pump of a gasoline.

Data of norms of 2. oil pressure:

- LE system =5kg/cm2 (4.9MPa)

- K system =5kg/cm2 (4.9MPa)

- other system =3kg/cm2 (3.0MPa)

- press Li Yingsheng to 6kg/cm2 for oil when clipping a vitta (6.0MPa) above.

- it is normal that gasoline pump bad news uses electric current to just should be in 4-5A.

- should shut ignition switch, after awaiting 20min, systematic oil pressure cannot under 2kg/cm2 (2.0MPa) the following, may be oil of the leakage inside gasoline pump or atomizer leakage oil otherwise.

The value is read when CO is worth a test to should quicken engine 2400-2600r/min, its numerical value should be in 0.3% , if be in idle fast when read a value, its numerical value should change between 0.2-0.8% .

Maintain the lamp clears program

1.24 series maintain the lamp clears program:

240 series maintain the position of indicator light is on dashboard, exceed 5000 miles when car travel (8000km) when above, after engine is started, maintain indicator light can shine continuously about 2min.

Remind a car advocate must undertake engine oil changes reach maintain. Having doinging after maintaining, must carry out clear program. Press with small screwdriver of dashboard west the front clear key-press, can finish put in zero job 's charge. If cannot clear, must tear open next dashboard, and clear dashboard rearly lever is moved up, can.
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