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Idle of Ling Zhi LS400 fast quiver breakdown detects maintenance
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Breakdown phenomenon: Car of a LS400 of 93 years of Ling Zhi (engine of UCFIO batholith 1UZ-FE, VIN code: JT8UF1168P0029865) , occurrence idle fast flabby, engine rotate speed ignore tall ignore low. Quicken good, there is flameout appearance after Dan Zaisong opens accelerator.

Breakdown diagnoses with the analysis: Receive car of the foretaste after the car, test-drive result and car advocate be narrated consistent. Read with the king that build a car take breakdown code, it is normal that the system shows.

Undertook be checked in the round and be maintenanced to the department offerring oil of engine and ignition department first, test-drive, breakdown phenomenon as before. Because do not have breakdown code to show, put the examination in mechanical part mainly so. Measure air cylinder pressure, its size and poor value of each crocks of pressure all are inside standard limits. The vacuum tube ageing that fuel pressure adjuster discovers when the examination takes air system, appear flat phenomenon, change new tube, engine idle fast flabby symptom has a bit improve, but disappear not completely.

So far, we must consider to control the problem of circuit respect. Check idle fast electromotor, the start is good, examination air flowmeter also is not had unusual, when checking sensor of position of solar term door, discover idle fast when voltage on the high side (1.1V, normal value should control) for 0.5V. Then readjust comes to be worth normally, engine still quivers. When special oscillograph checks reoccupy car, discover signal of sensor of position of solar term door has interrupt a phenomenon.

Trouble removal: Change after sensor of position of solar term door, engine movement is normal.