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The 6 breakdown case with common car is analysed
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Breakdown phenomenon:

When urgent apply the brake four-wheel apply the brake is held in the arms dead, ABS breakdown light is not bright, but ABS does not work.

Breakdown detects:

(1) is used special detect equipment VAS5051 undertakes to ABS system breakdown inquires, did not discover fault.

(2) to ABS system data piece undertakes detecting analytic: Read ABS system data piece, the instant speed of 4 wheels is according to parting in 00 before the group is medium 4 digit, it is respectively when car is dormant " 1 " . That is to say, unit of ABS system control did not detect the actual speed of car, think this car is dormant from beginning to end, do not work in system of the ABS when urgent apply the brake so. The cause that causes this trouble may have 3 sides: ① 4 annulus fast sensor did not monitor actual speed. ② annulus fast between sensor and ABS control unit have even the line trouble. ③ ABS controls unit itself to have trouble.

(3) undertakes check and eliminating to 3 afore-mentioned reasons respectively. Take out left front-wheel drive annulus fast sensor G47, open ignition switch, the data that enters ABS system piece 00 groups, input imitate annulus through G47 fast signal, 00 groups the first digit occupies data piece those who follow signal is strong lose and change; 3 to the others annulus fast sensor does a test, the result that is the same as G47 is same. Clearly, 4 sensor are good; Between sensor and control unit it is normal to connect a line, it is normal that control unit also is belonged to. Trouble spot should be in of 4 wheels pass feeling tine to be encircled.

(4) checks 4 wheels conduct feeling tine group, discovery ages be enclothed by rustily content between the tine on the circle and tine, the sensor in causing car travel cannot monitor speed signal. The reason is this car time be placemented is too long.

Trouble removal:

Clear the rustily content on circle of four teeth of a cogwheel, test-drive is normal, breakdown is eliminated.

Transmission leakage is oily

Car information:

Model: C5A6 produces age: 2001

Travel course of development: 3000km

Breakdown phenomenon:

One 2. The Ao Di C5A6 of 4L automatic transmission, use one day hind, put in the garage, have below car of total meeting discovery the following day a few oily drop.

Breakdown detects:

(1) raises the car case, tear open the chassis fender of next engine, of discovery board hind drip at there is oil between engine and transmission interface. Check engine appearance, did not discover leakage oily part, oil seal of the crankshaft after suspecting the likelihood is engine is in leakage oil.

(2) tears open next transmission, place of examination crankshaft oil seal has apparent oil stains, not microscope transmission, change crankshaft oil seal. Mount transmission, test-drive, breakdown as before.

(3) tears open next automatic transmission afresh, microscope, those who discover transmission is hind, the interior that a craft machines aperture has oil, that is to say transmission itself leakage is oily.
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