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Idle of path strange car fast flabby corrective maintenance
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Breakdown phenomenon: A car of 95 path strange RAM, engine of 5.9L, V8. Engine power is insufficient, idle fast flabby, vent-pipe risks black smoke.

Corrective maintenance: When undertaking checking with the instrument, sensor of discovery left oxygen contains oxygen the volume is high, and right oxygen sensor contains oxygen the amount is small. With lift litre of machine to raise a car, check the black connect of two oxygen sensor. The wiring harness of two oxygen sensor is: Black / blue line, deep green / orange Huang Xianhe is black / white line; The wiring harness of other electrical wiring is: Brown / white line; The wiring harness of right oxygen sensor is: Black / dark green line.

Consult relevant line attempt discovers these two traditional thread binding are turned over, change them come over, next reexamination oxygen sensor, cleared store after the malfunction code in computer, afore-mentioned problems get understanding settlement.