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Surface of Ao Di cooling fluid has an oily corrective maintenance
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Breakdown phenomenon: The surface of antifreeze of the green in storage tank of cooling fluid of car of Ao Di A6 is bleaching liquid of state of a gules oil.

Corrective maintenance: Because this car contains,this is automatic transmission, need adds the automatic transmission that notes red oily (ATF) , be in on the right side of cooling fluid radiator in water room, of transmission oily radiator, transmission oil is flowed into from upside, pour out of by bottom, turn quantity of heat to cooling fluid, refrigeration is passed wind is cold medicinal powder hot. Once transmission is oily,radiator is corroded to appear leaks, grease can be interlinked. The oil pressure when the car is started is more hydraulic tall, oil flows into cooling fluid in; Shut the moment after engine, oil pressure of water pressure ratio is high, cooling fluid flows into oil in. Equipment is automatic the car of other plant plate of transmission also can produce this kind of breakdown. Net of conserve of vehicle maintenance and repair

There is water to be able to make inside automatic transmission its invalidation and attaint, should change instantly so cooling fluid radiator, if cannot be bought temporarily, can open room of radiator right water, use compress air to experiment in order to find leaks, use appropriate glue sticky agent, make sure right water room is used temporarily below sealed circumstance, also can substitute temporarily, wait for buy new hind again restorable.

To prevent transmission oil radiator is corroded, the antifreeze with note quality good must be added in cooling system, do not allow to add affusion or use fake antifreeze, card antifreeze not only freezing point low, boiling point is high, still have fight corrode ability, its life is two years, expire must change, can damage cooling aqueduct reachs automatic transmission oily radiator because of invalidation otherwise.