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Beautiful 307 common breakdown are analytic reach a processing technique
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★ problem 1: Electric car window drops after arranging an in part, press dynamoelectric when ascendant key, car pane does not rise to till,fall instead lowest, cannot rise again next fall.

Problem 1 means of settlement: This problem is computer gave an issue, need does initialization. Concrete move is as follows:

1. jockeys window of cutoff of the Che Jian that press a lock grows with remote control key after flameout

2. opens a lock by the key again

3. drives side two before car window pushbutton presses the window that need a car falls after all to last 4 seconds again at the same time

4. drives side two before car window pushbutton is pressed at the same time on the window that need a car rises reach the summit to last 4 seconds again can

★ problem 2: The automobile body when 307 hands move archives model to be quickened in 30-50 kilometer appears shake.

Problem 2 means of settlements: Move archives to appear quickly when 307 hands when shaking, car advocate can solve by proper motion of the following method:

1, neutral, ignition is started

2, hang 1 archives, delay carries separation and reunion. Let a car already ran slowly oneself (whole process all forbidden step on the gas)

3, wait for rotate speed even, and after continueing to increase speed feebly, hang 2 archives, delay loose separation and reunion

4, Alexandrine, after equal engine already increased speed feebly really, rise archives again and arrive so all the time after 5 archives.

5, after 5 archives, can feel shake, hang neutral, step on brake.

6, according to above 2 -- the measure of 5 continues 3 come 5 times, among all not flameout.

Forbidden it is among the process flameout, forbidden among give any oil. In 3-5 second hind, can feel automobile body can have acuteness shake, wait for its to shake after ending. Step on brake end. Whole process is finished.

★ problem 3: Old money 307 (2.0AT) advance in low speed medium or idle fast when flameout.

Problem 3 means of settlements: Low speed advances or idle fast when the flameout that bring about is the breakdown with particular model of 2 automatic archives, and have the car of 1/3 about encounter this problem. The course considers to discover, this kind of breakdown happens basically in the period with cold weather. As a result of 2 engine idle fast attune relatively too low, of generation accumulated carbon to bring about idle fast flabby. Consumer can arrive 4S inn keeps clear of through cleaning solar term door carbon deposit, but this method that is take temporary solution, upgrade in 4S only ability of new control software is eradicative this problem.

★ problem 4: 307 cars carry computer to show screen part does not show, had affected read.

Problem 4 means of settlements: Because show screen is in-house,307 cars carry computer part not to indicate a possibility is bulb occurrence breakdown, but at present beautiful 4S inn still cannot be opposite east wind bulb has repair, car advocate can change to 4S inn only new computer displays screen, charge is controlled in 2000 yuan about.
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