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Sang Dana is urgent when quickening, shake blowout corrective maintenance
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Breakdown phenomenon: Sang Dana course of development of 2000 cars travel 10 much Km. This car works in the engine when delay is quickened passable, but in urgent the engine when quickening shakes badly, and temper " blowout " . Corrective maintenance: Read with detector of breakdown of the king that build a car above all take breakdown code, do not have breakdown code to show. Observe data flows, slant except fuel injection time long (outside 5.5ms) , the others is normal also. Because do not have breakdown code, data shedding is normal also, so first from blame is electronic-controlled the part begins. Checked coil of fuel pipeline, high tension line, ignition, sparkplug and compressed air distribution mechanism to wait early or late, do not have unusual. Tear open next fuel injector, hair is existing accumulate carbon to adhere to in fuel injector head. After cleaning fuel injector with ultrasonic cleaning machine, breakdown improves somewhat, but there still is temper when quickening " blowout " phenomenon. Check data to flow again at this moment, discover fuel injection time is a few shorter, make an appointment with 4.8ms, but compare with photograph of mark fiducial value, still slant long.

Will analyse from fuel injection time, influencing factor is very much, the signal that reachs oxygen sensor to feedback like flow of temperature of engine bear, cooling fluid, air, inlet temperature, can affect fuel injection time directly. Measured the resistance of sensor of cooling fluid temperature and inlet temperature sensor early or late then, all normal. Because idle does not have air conditioning below fast condition, change direction without roll dish, whole vehicle all is in with electric equipment close position, the issue that so nonexistent bear increases. The rate of sampling of oxygen content signal that oxygen sensor feedback gives ECU is 8 times / 10s, normal also. Where is the problem that can you be air flow transducer then? Changed the test-drive after air flow transducer, trouble removal. Www.car-m.cn

Breakdown analysis: The air flow transducer that this is a model is detecting the signal in air flow process breaks accurate breakdown. The data of air flow signal that gets as a result of ECU and engine work at that time the standard signal data below condition is abhorrent, and the data after this one change did not exceed the data in ECU memory again, do not have breakdown code so. Because ECU detects,be less than this air flow transducer to have trouble at the same time, the wrong signal that still gives out according to place of air flow transducer so will decide fuel injection duration, this can cause fuel injection duration necessarily abnormal. Nevertheless, because the feedback signal of oxygen sensor amended duration of fuel injector fuel injection, when the rate that so engine changes in rotate speed is not old, this breakdown phenomenon is not apparent, because it can be in,ECU8 ~ feedbacks on average 10 times inside every 10s time oxygen content signal, make engine OK still below this one circumstance loath job; But when the rate that changes when rotate speed is increased, because oxygen sensor gives the sampling of oxygen content signal of ECU to lead the change that does not have engine rotate speed far,come quickly, also cannot amend fuel injection duration at this moment, cause so in engine urgent the temper when quickening " blowout "
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