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Love the disaster that car flameout causes because of acoustics completely?
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In recent years, car acoustics changes his costume or dress wind is in plain inside the car has a fever in friend sadly popularity leaves come, free time, a lot of car friend gather, begin " bask in " had sound. Nevertheless, the reporter received a lot of cars however recently advocate hot line, report they are changing their costume or dress after inn undertook acoustics changes their costume or dress, the use time of batteries is decreased apparently short, open acoustics a little while, the car is hit do not catch fire. Additional, the electrical wiring inside the car interweaves together like cobweb, they are afraid, time grew, can you cause short circuit so? Be aimed at the problem of car friend, relevant expert gives understanding to answer.

Case 1: Hear a song ten minutes go-cart a long time result

Before paragraph time, mr Zhang of the river spent 3000 silver dollar inside, for his love the car undertook acoustics changes his costume or dress. A day, he goes receiving a friend, after reaching conventional place, the friend has not arrived, then his extinguish open fight between factions opens acoustics, appreciation had music. After many minutes 10, the friend drove an agreement to the place, but how is Mr Zhang also hit however did not catch fire, read n instruction sheet, had arrived red line position. Do not have method, mr Zhang is forced and friend together, shifted the car a steam on the town to repair repair in shop to manage.

The expert solves: This kind of situation that Mr Zhang encounters, because change one's costume or dress,be the acoustics power after is too great, change one's costume or dress inn did not undertake appropriate processing is caused. Car advocate changing his costume or dress answer when acoustics essence of life is carried fine anthology, the car result that the choice matchs one set with car photograph is put and the horn undertakes changing one's costume or dress. In the meantime, changing his costume or dress in the process, change one's costume or dress division also should be mixed according to acoustics the actual condition of the car, add in proper place act a few electric capacity, make sure the abidance of n is supplied.

In the meantime, car advocate in using sound, also answer to avoid flameout to hear music as far as possible, or open sound very greatly. Can make n very fast not only so extinct, also can affect the function of acoustics and service life.

Case 2: The disaster that fumy electrical wiring causes inside the car

Two years ago, ms. Zhou did acoustics to change one's costume or dress to her car. Several days ago, she is in road going to work, opened result put symphonious noise, open sound very greatly. In a few minutes, ms. Zhang smelled a pungent scorching, her face about looks, deputy drive the seat place behind, risk had continuously black smoke, she hurries car keep to the side, put out power source, aerosol just slowly diffuse. Ms. Zhang drives the car to maintain inn, undertook checking. Original, because join the electrical wiring inside the electrical wiring of acoustics and car produced short circuit,black smoke is.
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