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Experts on the maintenance vehicle repair common problems and solutions
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Inevitably encounter problems in the car trip, in the absence of professional maintenance and how to determine when the master to solve these problems? Confidence classic car repair, conservation experts Ho answering questions for everyone. Q: The engine can not start, how to solve? A: First check the distributor, spark plugs, power lines, etc. Is it because of rain and other moisture cars, and if so, can dry wet parts and then launch. Second, check the spark plug is damaged, if the damage to be replaced new. Third, check battery voltage is adequate. Parking is sometimes forget to turn off the lights, a long time may run out of power. If so, the car linked to the second step on the clutch gear drag car, when traveling to a certain speed and then release the clutch unscrew the ignition switch, car will be able to naturally start. However, the result can not start the engine when the problem is varied, it was suggested to the professional automotive service station for testing. Q: how the shift when the engine is off it? A: The road in the shift, if the practices or the phenomenon of flame will appear, check the following questions: First look at idle speed is stable, unstable or if the idle idle speed is low, as long as the idle speed can be adjusted to normal. But also to tighten the idle valve, plug tight. Second, if the normal idle speed, it may be blocked oil and gas separator, professional repair stations need to clean the oil separator.