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Full auto repair shop in Guangzhou source of professional training base studen
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Source over an auto repair shop in Guangzhou is located in North Guangzhou Avenue, Tianhe District, learned over the years has become a training base for many auto repair technical schools, is a full auto repair shop has more than ten years of history, specializing in car first, second and car repair repair company, plant area of 3,000 square meters, including repair shop about 2500 square meters. Equipment maintenance industry has now reached a kind of enterprise requirements, in addition to commonly used equipment, there are a large number of imports of Service Equipment: such as the mass 1552 detector, gold detector Pentium CA68 electronics, OBC Ben treasure detector, car Boshi electronic detection instrument, to avoid demolition edible vegetable oil nozzle devices, ultrasonic intake and exhaust control systems, such as imported Italian baked paint room, fully meet the various models of maintenance operations. Our school's students participated in the internship, the source over the plant's work requirements, work flow to complete the various types of equipment operation, maintenance and repair of various models work. Delegate has many years of practical experience in the factory for repairs teachers tailor-made set of circumstances imposed on students internship program, students at the repair shop to repair shop really work requirements, work flow to complete the various types of equipment, the operation of various types of vehicles type of maintenance and repair work. Brand reliable source full auto repair shop founded in 1992, fifteen years of experience in education, quality of service is guaranteed. Brand management, to avoid short-sighted behavior. Fifteen years of credit management, leading IT training in South China. (General business life cycle of 3-5 years, ten years of history have proven integrity and vitality, all the way to many peers have long since disappeared. Sources said the head of Ye Zeyan full service auto repair shop in Guangzhou more than 50 units designated repair, maintenance, Hafei maintenance, of which there are military vehicles, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Garrison vehicles, Peak Investment Development Co., Ltd. Guangdong, Guangzhou Cemetery West Communications market, a grand international automotive supplies market, Park on Textile (Group share) Limited, China minors stockwork Engineering (Guangdong practice base propaganda truck), the West can Decoration Co., Ltd. Guangzhou, Guangzhou, nursing homes, the Guangzhou Municipal (Tianhe points Bureau), and so military, business vehicles and source all year round full cooperation. Source full auto repair shop to lead the staff responsible Ye Zeyan the difficult cases committed to the automotive repair and service of car owners in Guangzhou, also called in experts, vehicle maintenance, and strive to 4S shops than a car repair and maintenance is also attentive, price!