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Unequal pay for equal mechanic charged in series of unfair treatment of non-
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Doing the same every day living, in preparing to get 3,000 yuan a month, there is no compiled only 1,500 yuan. To this end, Wei prosecution unit to compensate. In court yesterday, requesting the court to order units with whom Mr. Wei signed a labor contract without a fixed term, and the corresponding back pay, holiday expenses, year-end awards and other costs of nearly 10 million. The person in charge in court, said: "No do not want employees to sign non-fixed term labor contract, but there is no preparation institution, to sign them." Plaintiff: Want to sign with the unit without a fixed term labor contract Began in July 2003, Mr. Wei in Kunming Panlong District Environmental Health Service Center auto repair shop (hereinafter referred to as the repair shop) work. He is 30 years old, considered to also repair an old employee of the day, the process responsible for the welding auto repair work. With the growth of work experience can be, Mr. Wei to increasingly feel wronged. "There are 3 people to do the repair welding work, the preparation of two of them are public institutions, the usual holiday costs, more money is not, has a 3,000 yuan monthly salary." And Mr. Wei's monthly salary is only two to three years in 1500 yuan hovering around. "In particular, units did not enter into formal labor contracts, five for social security is not in place, scheduling of staff to enjoy the holiday weekdays fees and bonuses, but also with their own right." Wei always feel that it makes no sense of security. 2010, Wei began and repair negotiations led by the hope that a pay rise, and with no fixed term labor contract signed. But this request has not been answered units. August, Mr. Wei for the same reasons to appeal to the labor department, department of labor arbitration to determine the request in July 2003 he started with the repair of the existence of the fact that labor relations, and held that sign with which the repairs without a fixed term labor contract, pay five social security, double the salary of a replacement after 2008, year-end awards, fees and withholding of holiday pay nearly 10 million. The end of August, Mr. Wei to get labor arbitration ruling sector, labor arbitration department first identified in July 2003 after he and repair of the existence of the fact that labor relations, and held by the management during the five social security pay. At the same time, Mr. Wei nearly 10 million of the proposed compensation was rejected. Wei dissatisfied with that decision, appeal to Panlong District People's Court. Defendant: No cause of the preparation unit Panlong District People's Court hearing yesterday that since the labor contract disputes. Person in charge of the repairs to appear and submit evidence, said: "After 2003, repairs were temporary and the plaintiff signed an employment agreement and contract. Litigation used to be performed in accordance with the contract." For social security and bonuses, person in charge of the repairs argued: "After 2003, repairs have to find ways of gold, the monthly pension payable for the 230 was sent to plaintiff, but plaintiff did not purchase its own appropriate insurance. bonuses and expenses paid holiday loss, as the unit is determined to win, not necessarily to be released. " This statement to court Jiao Yuan Wei: "The so-called social security, in fact, just the actual wages should be paid, it was a unit of work." Wei made for non-fixed term labor contract signed request, management is responsible for repeatedly in court to plead with the plaintiff that the unit is currently impossible to sign without a fixed term labor contract. "No cause of the preparation unit, even the preparation of the contract, the unit signed with employees is also not without precedent for a fixed term labor contract." Wei's attorney then said: "Even if the repairs had paid in cash, five social security, is an illegal act. More important point is that, regardless of previous repairs and the temporary employment agreement signed by Mr. Wei or the contract , the labor contract is not standardized, and the contract has expired the end of 2007. repairs should, and Wei signed a labor contract without a fixed term, and double replacement in February 2008 to August 2010 between the salary and holiday costs and bonuses. "