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West Branch of solid industrial and commercial garage on the illegal business fo
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Yesterday, the West Branch of market inspection brigade solid business based on complaints from the masses of "perpetrating a fraud" and "U.S. Kuai" auto repair shop were punished and ordered free of charge to the owner according to relevant provisions of the maintenance vehicles. In the morning, law enforcement officers received complaints from consumers, Yang, said he's Santana 2000 car in the Oct. 16 after a traffic accident, he will benefit road car to a repair shop for maintenance, the staff said the end of October to Pick up the car. 27, he got his car, but in the process of driving a car the size of problems that many, even the engine can not function properly. So he drove the car to the mass 4S shop, technicians found that the entire examination Car body does not meet the grade requirements completely. Yang asked to re-free maintenance repair shop refused, then complained to the Commerce and Industry Bureau. Law enforcement investigation found that the repair shop will not be Santana 2000 car accessories as original accessories, and many use the old parts, front axle causing injury, before the beam does not, the vehicle unable to run normally. Repair Treatment plant for providing the obvious quality vehicle accessories, law enforcement officers were punished according to relevant regulations.