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Zhengzhou car mechanics a population of Pakistan in the car five years to live
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Recently, the 37-year-old star of Henan Feng Zengcheng the network, he modified car, has been called "History of the cattle car." Zheliang room in the car, they lived a family of five people. Because of its simple, many users called it "a family car with room for interpretation of the most sad." There are many media interpreted this era of high prices, a number of years is still a model of migrant workers desperate to buy a house. In fact, von strength by not entirely buy, but he did not want to do "house slaves", preferring the money be used to expand business. While living in the house the car, but he felt very happy life. "Car", the "bedroom" "Living room" readily available Zheng Wei Road, Zhengzhou City, near the intersection with the South Third Ring Road, covered with large and small repair shop. 37-year-old man von Zhoukou the growing friendship between Huaiyang garage to open here. Garage before a license plate number parked the bus for the Yu G33425. And different from ordinary bus, this car side bus filled with air. It is ringing on the Internet has a name of the "History of the cattle car." Yesterday 18:00 CMB 60-watt lamp driving the car, von by two children sitting in the car homework. His wife Liu Zongying in the shop side of the simple kitchen cooking. To save gas, she burned the wood. Normally, to buy things the rest of the cartons, boxes and other toothbrush, she could not bear to throw up and keep accumulating as "firewood" use. She bought some chicken, intended to improve the look of life.