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Inferior brake oil becomes accident of wine of water of brake oily mix into kill
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In last few years, our country is annual traffic accident onetime capital exceeds 300 thousand cases, the accident that this causes because of brake malfunction among them was occupied 3 into the left and right sides, the importance with safe to the car brake of it serves to show. A main component in the brake system in the car is brake fluid, brake fluid also calls brake oil, its action is told popularly, step on brake when us namely when, force of apply the brake should deliver a wheel through brake fluid, ability lets a car stop, so its quality stand or fall matters to safety of drive a vehicle directly.

Mr Wu of Beijing added inferior brake fluid because of his car, adventruous happened on the freeway one act. A day, the car that Mr Wu drives, in Beijing a declivous a section of a highway of the 8 freeways that amount to mountain is abrupt brake is out of order, the eye looks at the car in front him distance is closer and closer, he can take processing step of the extreme only.

Mr Wu: "That day is to be on the 8 freeways that amount to mountain, I answer Beijing, speed is normaller also, to declivous when, I step on brake, discover brake was done not have, there is reaction at all after walking, speed is faster and faster, I control a car without method at all. An old freight car is before me, its speed is originally unhappy, plus it already brake, below the car that the car that the eye looks at me is about to get it. The car opposite side much, want from left overtake essential impossible, I can hit only on the right side of, not bad speed is not particularly fast, bumped to segregation belt to stop. Bumped to segregation belt to stop..

Although did not produce more serious consequence, but Mr Wu thinks back to now that one act or one's heart still fluttering with fear: "Fortunately I deal with at that time properer, or still do not know to be able to produce what kind of job, one after-thought rises to feel to fear, I still dare not drive to now. I still dare not drive to now..

Be what reason caused brake to be out of order so? Mr Wu sent the car repair a factory, repaired a factory to undertake checking to the brake system of this car. Checking a result is brake piece, brake pipeline is no problem, it is brake oily off quality, cause malfunction of this car stop a car.

Inferior brake oil becomes killer

The reporter undertook investigating to a few of Beijing large garages, the result discovers such accident is not accidental, in company of Beijing vehicle repair 6 factories reporter saw one is having repaired accident car. Of the car before the face has been bumped into ulterly changedly, maintenance technician tells us, this car also is the accident hitting a car that causes as a result of brake malfunction.

6 factory assistant engineers of company of Beijing vehicle repair Sun Manzhong says to the reporter: "Also be to ask this client first, when saying he walks at that time, it is suddenly one foot brake was done not have, next we check each vitta, oil level again, it is normal, but through us this brake oil checks, this moisture analyzer checks this brake fluid, water content on the high side, as a result of,be brake fluid this water content is too high, high temperature arises when stepping on brake continuously, cause vaporization of brake oily instant, cause when stepping on brake, did not have. Cause when stepping on brake, did not have..
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