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Kaimeirui obtains satisfaction of new car quality to spend the first
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A few days ago, the China vessel praise with much half an year of last a period of time integrated satisfaction spends brand of 2007 China car survey released survey result, kaimeirui won Guangzhou abundant cropland " satisfaction of quality of 2007 new cars is spent " the first.

As we have learned, this integrated satisfaction spends survey by country of the State Council endowment appoint net of research center and the world medium, sina is sponsorred jointly. The satisfaction of new car quality this year spent survey to undertake optimizing to original quota system, this second evaluation enlarges 30 to the whole nation big in 12 thousand of the city new cars advocate face visit answers, the opinion information that gathers consumer feedback tries to arrange grading, get car new user is in to the product finally the judge with quality and character more whole side.

Survey range is wide, include 141 issues of 10 IQS category, involve hold accuse to reach stop a car; Sound system; The exterior and interior trim; Configure and hold accuse; Seat; Make hot, refrigeration and ventilated system (HVAC) ; Gearshift system and engine.

Since appearing on the market 2006, kaimeirui has acquired home 15 times continuously intermediate champion of market month sales volume, carry off with 170 thousand in 2007 year total champion of advanced car sales volume. The personage inside course of study expresses, the balanced sex with because Guangzhou Feng Tiankai is beautiful comprehensive luck, competing unusually intense intermediate the market just be able to Li Kequn hero, show itself.

Concerned expert expresses, illicit home car is increasing, consumer pledges to car product the requirement of the quantity upgrades ceaselessly. Of result of survey of quality of new 2007 car announce, proved the market is right further the affirmation of quality of product of triumphant beauty luck, also be consumer at the same time the reaction of a flank that spends to loyalty of brand of Guangzhou abundant cropland.