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Auspicious model of new car mark is about to appear first
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The reporter arrived from auspicious understanding a few days ago, auspicious new car mark " Oriental god bird " auspicious new model will be exhibited in Beijing country in appear formally first, this means this course one year to choose, the car bid that enters stage closing advance added auspicious brand series formally, take on case auspicious new " figure ambassador " .

Disclose according to auspicious and relevant personage, the new car mark that appears this is a side that strategy of whole and auspicious brand shows, it is broad architect, commissioner, user to what auspicious product distant view expects one is reflected. But as auspicious rapid development, only " divine bird " can not satisfy increasingly rich product catenary requirement completely, accordingly " Oriental god bird " the component that will regard series car as mark, auspicious meeting ground product structure strategy, apply its selectively go up in relevant model.